Declaring your Income

Online declarations are open now… but it is interesting to note that folk can still do the paper (no matter what their income) one if they do not have access to the internet at their principal residence. There are many of the oldies around here who will breath a sigh of relief.

I believe they can also do the paper one if they are not sufficiently au fait with online stuff…

Nous vous rappelons que la déclaration de revenus doit être réalisée par internet si le revenu fiscal de référence qui figure sur votre dernier avis d’impôt est supérieur à 15 000 euros et que votre résidence principale est équipée d’un accès à internet.


A timely reminer Stella. I have just started,( I know I say every year thatI will have it all prepared in advance), the spreadsheets for conversion :frowning_face:
I am sticking with the paper ones at the moment because my household situation is complicated, don’t ask I might have to kill you :rofl:
Hope to present them to my local impôts next week, on verra ! :thinking:

Wonderful having an in house professional, not that mine is very complex, btw :slightly_smiling_face:


Hope that you give her some commision Bill :wink:

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:thinking: ah I see, :rofl:

I’ve just received my (prefilled) blue form through the post (plus a brown form “revenus de source etrangere”)…coming up two years resident…I have nothing in the uk not even a bank account and my OH in UK sends my living costs twice a month…It’s a really simple return but I’m agonising over which box I need to fill in…! I just really don’t know…I’ve made an appointment at my bank to see if they can help…but if not then it will be another visit to the centre des impots which is a fair old distance and which I visited 3 times for my first return…I’m reluctant to file this one online due to my current uncertainty…hopefully next year I’ll know how…x :slight_smile:

Understand your worries Helen. Sometimes reading through all the advice pages that comes with the forms leaves one reeling and totally confused.
My local impôts office can either be very helpful, or not, depending who is on ‘duty’ at the time. They used to make appointments if you needed advice but that’s no longer an option. Thankfully it’s only once a year but I do ‘angst’ over doing it right :persevere:

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Yep…last year I just drove there…got my ticket…waited in line…saying bonjour to everyone who came in and sat next to me…when I finally got to see someone they were really helpful to the point of fetching in someone who spoke English…I’ve read through the brown form looking for a box that applies to me…probably looking for a box that says “autres”…still not sure…read through the advice pages and gave myself a headache…and still not sure…x :slight_smile:

When you get it done this year… keep a copy of the completed forms and that should help you locate “what and where” from then on… :relaxed:

The boxes do get changed some years… but the brief description for each one seems to remain the same… which helps with figuring it all out. :thinking:


I should have asked for a copy last year or at least taken a photo of the completed forms but I was just so relieved that I signed it…thanked them very much and walked out looking forwards to summer and visits from my family…never gave it a second thought until now…I’ve had all the forms and guidance spread out on my kitchen table again this morning…dictionaries and google translate to try and fathom out why I’m not getting it…it’s just one source of regular income from my partner in uk…(he’s past retirement age but I’m not) but still none of the boxes seem relevant…there must be something that I’m not translating correctly…x :frowning:

Hi Helen - maybe if you describe the type of UK income then someone will be able to tell you how / where to declare it. If that’s what you want of course :slight_smile:


Thankyou…I hate to be a nuisance to anyone and get really irritated with myself when I can’t fathom something out…basicly he sends us (me and the Collies) his oap state pension plus whatever we need extra…he’s not retired yet and is self employed…He visits us often and loves it here…x :slight_smile:

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Interesting…couple of things spring to mind immediately - does that mean that your partner is not French resident (but you are) and the dosh you receive has already been taxed in the UK?

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Yep…I’ve been French resident for coming up two years…but my partner is uk resident…his mom has late stage Alzheimer’s…many reasons why my heart resides somewhere over the channel…:heart:

Yep…is the OAP state pension already taxed in the U.K…??? I think he would be entitled to an S1 at some stage…???

Well Helen - the UK State Pension is all his to do with as he will, as a UK resident and taxed there accordingly. Sounds to me like he’s simply bunging you a few quid every now and then - as a ‘friend’. unless it’ something more formal.

Not entirely sure why you’d declare that ao long as it’s within acceptable French ‘gift’ limits - unlikely it would fall under any of the income categories.

And yes, he’s entitled to a workers S1 now if he’s reached NRA and if he’s still paying NI in the UK and, by default you may be covered as an overseas dependant (i.e. for French healthcare etc) - it really depends on your ‘couple / dependant status’. I think you’re looking at seeking some professional advice IMHO or at the very least a conversation with HMRC / DWP in the UK.

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We’ve been together 21 years but never married…I’m declaring the income so as to be considered “stable and regular” as interest on my savings (here in France) wouldn’t cover the income necessary to show that amount…I’m not trying to get covered by his S1 as it seems I should be able to get a Carte Vitale in my own right…???

In that case it’s complicated Helen as it’s effectively classed as unearned income but the ‘source’ is a difficult one to pin down for the return - most likely ‘exceptional’ income (revenue exceptionnel) or manual donations (dons manuels) - with an explanation. Whatever you declare here may be subject to nominal rate income tax and full social charges. The fact your partner may already have been taxed on the same income is irrelevant as he’s not French resident. Effectively you could both be taxed on exactly the same funds - not a great way to do things.

Maybe someone else will pop along with their view…

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I really appreciate your advice Simon…and maybe my situation will help others with the same dilemma…I can see why I’m having difficulty finding the right box…(!) I’m sort of expecting that I may have to pay social charges but my income all told for 2017 will be below 15k…thanks again though…still got several weeks to get it sorted…x :slight_smile:

No prob - just remember it’s only the first 9807€ that’s income tax free for this years declaration. Social charges are payable on unearned income from the first cent. There is most definitely a box on the form for exceptional income but…your issue stems from the fact you’re trying to make something ‘fit’ your health affiliation needs. That may not be the best way to appoach things. Good luck.

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