Finding the best restaurant

I have been working on a scientific approach to finding the best restaurant for me. It involves determining a QQ (Quality Quotient) that matches my own preferences.

To determine the QQ of a restaurant visit the establishment during its busiest time and count (A) the number of smartphones on display and (B) the number of diners. The QQ is calculated as the integer of (Ax10)/B. This will give a number between 0 and 10.

I then simply match the QQ of the restaurant with my own preference (which happens to be zero) to find my favourite.

The cause of the correlation between the quality of food and smartphone usage is yet to be determined but early empirical tests are encouraging.

Already attempts are being made to scupper my theory. France TV has reported on a restaurant that offers a free bottle of wine to any table that has no smartphone usage thus compromising the result.

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I quite understand your stance…

For me… of course, food is important… but I take into consideration the toilet facilities… a lack of, or poor quality will give a zero rating :wink:

Gotcha - you mean (Ax10)/B + T where T ranges between 0 for no problems to 10 bring your own peg.

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Also a Michelin star is a no-no. Overpriced poncy food and small portions.

Determining the QQ is easy.
The cost of a restaurant meal will easily cover the cost of our weekly shop at Lidl which matches our preference.

:rofl: Nowadays, I’m used to being prepared, when we go on car trips… as what’s OK for gents, ain’t necessarily so for us ladies… :wink:

In our “courting” days… OH soon discovered that this delightful girl (me :wink: )
did NOT appreciate his favourite Bars… if I had to struggle through cobwebs and whatever horrors… to find a looo. :wink: :rofl: :dizzy_face:

@JohnBoy … Occasionally, we choose to eat-out just for the pleasure of it, coupled with a visit to wherever… and I do watch the pennies.
Fair enough, I can cook most things cheaper at home… but there are some things which always turn out wrong… so that is another box to tick when choosing a Resto… what’s on the menu ???