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As has been discussed previously in various threads, I am looking to get my fingerprints taken so I can get my criminal record from the crooks at the FBI and then apply for French citizenship. In surfing the US Embassy website, I came across a link to They claim to take your fingerprints directly on FBI cards. I have contacted them, and they request a fee of 50€ payable in cash..... I am always leery of paying cash for services. Has anyone heard of these people and/or used them?




You do not have to have the fingerprints and the FBI lack of a criminal record (unless you have a criminal record, in which case, you probably will not be granted citizenship.) The embassy in Paris issues a notarized letter saying that you have sworn that you have no record. I cannot recall, but it may also explain that we have in the US no central database of criminals as each of the 50 states has its own. When I presented the letter, it was accepted without a problem.


No offense taken, David. My next suggestion was going to be what you've already figured out. The form ought to be online somewhere and if you've got a merit badge you're probably better at it than I was. I'd suggest a partnership but I'm here on a visitor visa.


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Thank you fellow Americans---- -love the New World humOr! Thx for the smiles.

Sorry David. Didn't read your post properly. Suitably ashamed and will administer severe self chastisement!

Thanks Bruce. "Crooks from the FBI" is a line from a Dropkick Murphy's song, no offense intended :)

I have been going around the FBI website and you do indeed need your fingerprints (and birthday and social) to get your record. I'm pretty sure I can do my own fingerprints, as I did earn my fingerprinting merit badge when I was in the scouts (I'm not lying!). So I'll try to do it myself and then see where it goes.

Heck if it works I might even start printing out the cards and charging people 40€ to do it for them....

Thanks for your response!


Thanks Gordon, that's how I got their URL :)

As a retired crook from the FBI, I'd advise you to check with them to see if you actually need fingerprints to get a copy of your record. If I remember correctly, your records should be available to you through the Freedom of Information Act.

Things might have changed and your fingerprints might be needed to distinquish you from any other David Cox but I would think birthdates and Social Security numbers would work as well

Before you shell out any money should tell you how to go about getting what you need.

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Hi David

Found this on the US embassy's Paris website.

Here's the link

You may already have been there but just in case you havn't....

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