Fingerprinting at local police station?

A little 'background first: I’m starting the process of applying for French nationality and one of the requirements is a criminal records check. I’m American and apparently the only acceptable background check is from the FBI.
To get the FBI report, one has to submit a fingerprint card (available on the FBI website) with the ‘dabs’ taken by a professional. So, there’s a place in Paris that does this, but I’m in Aix and not planning a trip to Paris anytime soon.
My question is: Has anyone had experience with walking into the local cop shop and asking them to take your fingerprints?
Thank you in advance.

Morning Sam

Do not know if this is relevant but we are going to our Prefecture on Tuesday to have our fingerprints taken for our WA CdS.

Could it be worth asking at your Marie or the Prefecture if they could oblige ?

Good luck


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Is this reference useful?
It would appear to me that it is only available in Paris (or London).

this group might well be able to answer your question:

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Thanks for the recommendation.
I have looked at that bunch before, and just realized, yet again, that it’s a fairly pricey subscription service. Plus the demographic slants heavily towards the Asian community.
I also just checked some reviews and the big complaint is that it’s an ‘albatross’ credit card operation that you can only stop with great difficulty. I’ll give it a pass. But again, thank you.
On edit.
It’s possible to join for free, but many aspects are closed off unless you ‘subscribe’.
Plus I just looked at their forums and there is heavy duty support for #LOSER45 there. So it’s pretty much a non-starter.

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What is Loser45? Something Trumpian? (Don’t want to google in case it takes me into the nether world)

Oh god you have started something now!

I hope not.

Those are my terms for ‘He Who Shall Not Be Named’ or as President Biden refers to him ‘The Former Guy’. It’s in the tradition of ‘damnatio memoriae’ which my father used in relation to FDR. He always referred to him as ‘that S.O.B’. Hence #LOSER45 means the 45 pResident who lost the election of 2020. #IMPOTUSx2 is ‘Impeached President of the US times 2’.
Hope that clears it up.


Yes, thank you. Lovely, although I can think of much more scathing names for the orange one.

I try to be as scathing as possible. But still remaining ‘Safe For Work’.

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Hello, Sam,

Do not bother with fingerprints and the FBI. They will refuse the background check and certificate that you want anyway. Go to the nearest US consulate (or to the embassy in Paris, if you have to) and swear that you have never been convicted of a crime in any state. They will give you a notarized statement that you said that in front of them. That is what you present, probably with a notarized translation.

Good luck

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Thank you for this.
I had asked in the FB about background checks, and no one even mentioned this as an option.
Is that how you did it?

Or a private forensic laboratory? Laboratoire médico-légal privé

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Yes, it is. I do not know about the consulates, but in Paris, they were very familiar with the requirement. The French accepted the letter without any problem.
Good luck!

How long ago did you apply for nationality here?
The requirements for documents seem to vary from prefecture to prefecture, though a national certified background check seems to be essential unless one has lived in France over 10 years.