Fioul supplier

As I’ve just moved house, I find myself needing a fioul supplier (never had central heating before so I know very little about it. Just been look ing online and comes up first with a price of about €1.15/litre.
Questions are - has anyone here used hello-fioul before, are they legit and reliable? Is €1.15 TTC a good price in the current market?
Thanks, Mark

I’ve used this to check prices…

But (using my best Stella impression :grinning:) if your commune is small talk to your marie about whether they organise group deliveries. Usually the cheapest.


There is this as well

I use Prix du fioul aujourd'hui - Les tarifs dans votre ville
As in the past called local suppilers and had prices higher than on this site, the delivery was from the same local suppliers

Can you not just buy those containers of fioul from the DIY sheds?

I’d give it a go, but I’m not sure I could lift a full 1000 litre container 🏋‍♂️


You’d be fioul to try :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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But its heavy fuel…:wink:

Fioul me once, shame on you. Fioul me twice…. time for bed. As George W Bush almost once said.

we have used this company to compare prices and order. They also do a ‘combined’ order where you can bulkbuy with others in your area…

Quick and efficient

But seriously… I have a few 25 litre or so plastic ‘bidons’ around the place somewhere that I inherited, and I’m sure I was told they came from a DIY store and were ‘fioul’ for the kerosene-style heaters I also inherited but have not used.

So is fioul available from DIY stores in this type of container, or is it just kerosene I’ve got? It certainly smells close enough to what I recall kerosene smelling like in my childhood when we had kerosene heaters…

Didn’t Mark say he had central heating not paraffin heaters.

Indeed I did, it comes by tanker @KarenLot

We do that with others in our village and other local villages.