Fire Safety

I’ve been following the ongoing reports of the tower-block fire in Kensington via my computer …

Looking around my own home… I am now figuring out how folk could escape if a blaze started.

Yes, I do have smoke detectors, but the horrific footage has got me seriously thinking further than just that…

In a way, I have been forming a fools-guide … for each part of the house… as we are on various levels… though nothing like 24 floors. thank heavens :slight_smile:

Are any of you similarly touched by current events… (yes, OH does think I am touched, but he lets me get on with it…) :relaxed:

Stella, I can’t imagine the terror of these poor people and the trauma for all those who are involved in any way.
It is so hard to even watch.
Like, you, we live on different levels and we have many exits.

Ah, you have many exits… we have 4… but all on ground floor… so am seriously thinking of the rope-ladder sort of thing for the bedrooms upstairs… at loft level, phew, who knows… I will calm down eventually, but I am so wound up by the horror that is happening over in London…

Friends here lost their home in the middle of the night 2 years ago… the wife still panics if she hears a strange noise… is that the crackling of the flames, tiles exploding… or what…

Those UK folk… the survivors that is… they will have nightmares about this for a long time… I reckon… and so sad for those who have lost family and friends.

I have a 3 story house in NL and as I work in the Oil and Gas business we are very aware of fire and more importantly Smoke dangers. We have on the top levels escaper packs (Smoke mask and smoke goggles and a torch) You die of asphyxiation before the flames get you in the main e.g.


I just watched the news reports today (Thursday) of the visit by Mrs May and Jeremy Corbyn.
What a contrast.
She meets high ranking officials and avoids ‘the little people’ whereas he makes a beeline for the real people involved in this tragedy and embraces them.
Her new chief of staff before he lost his seat was housing minister and responsible for implementing the recommendations of the 2013 enquiry but did nothing.
Whist this was being played out on screen, in my head was the following…
I know it’s make believe but the ordinary man on the streets of London and beyond must be wishing right now for a revolution. The 'nasty party has to go.

Ever since the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster I have always been fairly thorough in assessing escape routes in trains, in hotels, in aircraft, in theatres etc. I hope I’m never in a position to have to make use of this mild obsession.

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Very wise David! A lot of ‘survivable’ aircraft incidents have gone tits up due to people not knowing where their nearest ‘usable’ exit was!

We have small extinguishers…which work…
These spray a powder at the flames. Can be purchased at METRO stores.
But I am sure that they are available else where.