Firefox has moved to a faster development cycle, and it seems to be working

If like me you have been using Firefox for your daily work and play on the web, you will have become used to a new version appearing every year or so, but lately that has all changed.

This has been largely driven by the rapid development cycle of Google Chrome and the open source Chromium browsers, which have been a huge success.

Well this is having a very positive effect on the speed of Firefox on my machines, with the latest version 7 and the soon to be released version 8 offering significant improvements over their older cousins.

If you have switched to one of the new versions, have you noticed an improvement in speed?

If you are still using Microsoft's Internet explorer then unfortunately you are still in the year or two release cycle, though the latest version 9 is a significant speed improvement over it's older brothers, and with hardware acceleration can offer amazing gains. However be aware that this version does not work with Windows XP, so you will be better off with Firefox or Chrome for that operating system.

As MAC OSX Safari uses the same under lying technology as Google Chrome, then the latest versions also offer significant speed bumps.

I would heartily recommend a look , and try out the new versions, as they will improve your web experience.

Here are the links:

Latest Firefox

Latest Google Chrome

Internet Explorer 9

:wink: trop bienggg

Putaing, j’en ai besoing!

courage !

ANDREW: Ha! That's what you think? I now FINALLY have my own work back to Atlantis, but don't ask how often I had to bang Vista over the head to make it listen. Thank G-d, I have all the other fichiers on my security external hard disk + my own work also on USB keys.

I have XP on my laptop and like it. Vista? J'en ai marre and that's a polite way of saying it. Rather sick of Microsnot anyhow. Dictators, that's what they are. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Apart de ça, ça va?

Ruth - you just have to do ONE of each format: one word document, one excel document etc - once you've chosen which programme the computer uses to open a certain format file, i.e. word rather than openoffice writer for all .doc files, the computor automatically applies it to all files of that format on your computer ;-)

30 seconds max for all .doc (word) files, 2 minutes max for all the rest!

agree that vista is absolute rubbish - i uninstalled it and put an old copy of XP on my last laptop. now have windows7 which for the moment works very well. I like openoffice, it takes a little getting used to but is good and free - important when you change your laptop every couple of years!

à +

Do you have any idea how many fichiers I have on my computer? I'm an author and editor + used to run a magazine called 'La Fenêtre'. Subs for La Fenêtre = 1587 fichiers. And, then the edits I've done/am doing, my poems + prose, my books, etc etc.

Eh oh, I'm 73! Won't have the time to do all my fichiers, Andrew.

I have Open Office, because I need it once in a while. Otherwise I work with Atlantis and store docs in rtf, word doc or docx, pdf.

After downloading and installing Firefox all my docs had been converted into OpenOffice docs and NO way to change it, because ATLANTIS doesn't figure on the 'default' list.

Yes, I do have Open Office installed, (almost) never use it, but do need it at times.

Int. Explorer especially zonks when I go to another 'page' on a site. One of the most frequent ones: Orange.

I must admit that I have been having these problems ever since I (stupidly) bought a computer with Windows Vista. Truly hate Vista; since it always decides for me and makes me have to fight back.

Thank you for getting back to me, Nick.


Ruth Deborah

just go back to each type of fichier, click on open with, then choose programme then click on the always use this programme box before choosing the programme - it resets the default programmes ;-)

Stick with it because firefox is worth it

Uh, I don't understand your last post Ruth Deborah, as Firefox is a browser and open office is a suite of programs for editing documents and they are not supplied together or installed together. I can't imagine how or why it would do anything to a document. What format are you storing these documents in and with what do you normally edit them?

Firefox is a web browser , and will work happily with any format of document designed to be displayed by a browser, but nothing else.

Very odd, don't give up though , as something else is causing that issue. Perhaps a more detailed description of what you were doing when you saw that issue.

Do you have open office installed on your computer?



Latest news: I murdered Firefox after it decided to change all my 'fichier' (manuscripts of books, poetry etc both mine and from other writers I edit for) to OpenOffice.

So, back to bloomin' MicroSNot's Internet Explorer that keep zonking on me. Must go, otherwise I forget to act like a lady.


Ruth Deborah

Not only a more or less comprehensible bit of useful information ( from a computer idiot comme moi, that is a compliment) but from someone with probably the coolest surname on SFN.

I've used firefox for years in a bid, at the outset, not to fall into the everything microsoft trap. I still find it the best laid out etc but I admit I haven't made much of an effort looking at the others apart from chrome and safari and at the time the signature on my emails didn't appear correctly so I stuck with the trusted cunning fox!

You saved my life, Nick. Thank you very much. I think I’ll ask you to be my friend :slight_smile:

ok, no need to worry about your favourites, they will still be there in Explorer. What you need to do is go into your favourites within Explorer , and select the export option. This will allow you to save them in a file, which Firefox can read later if needed. It will also act as a backup. As I said firefox will bring them accross automatically for you anyway.

No, you can leave explorer where it is, just never click on it ;-)

Here is a link on how to do this , step-by-step.

Exporting your favourites in IE



Hi Nick,

Thank you for getting back to me!

Yes, I do have the icon on my desktop, but so far was afraid to click on it. I'll go bonkers if I lose my Favoris, you know, simply because I need many (most) of them.

What if I click and Firefox doesn't bring them across? What is the 'easy way' you mention in case FFox doesn't do it for me?

Also, do I have to 'uninstall' Internet Explorer? I'd love to. Stinker zonks pout about ten times a day.

Sunny regards,

Ruth Deborah (yep, both names)

Hi Ruth, installing Firefox should have put an icon on your desktop and in your programs folder which you can click on to start it up. It will automatically bring your favourites across for you on the first time you start the new browser. There is an easy way to move them across , it it didn't do this for you.



Okay, okay, calle me stooooopid: I'm using Internet Explorere 9 and it's a mess, fails all the time and is as slow as a snail (yes, I clean my 'puter every evening, so no junk hanging around). Reading your remarks about Firefox and having heard that is it supposed to be very good, I downloaded it. Great, so I downloaded it and NOW WHAT?

Also - very important - what will happen to my 'Favoris' links? I really need those and to start collecting them all over again, would drive me (even more) bonkers.

What to do and HOW to do it. HELLUPPPPPP!

Indeed, upgrading to the latest version of your browser will almost certainly improve your experience on SFN. For the best performance I would recommend Firefox or Chrome, Internet Explorer isn't the best choice for this site but if you don't wish to change to another then please do upgrade it. (In fact, you may be missing out. Not all features on SFN work with Internet Explorer!)

The chart below shows us which browsers are being used to access the site, let's see if we can get Chrome into the number 2 slot. (Chrome is a great choice if your French isn't great as it has inbuilt translation).

I'll post the chart again in a week to see what progress we've made!



an old thread but in the same vein… analysing Firefox using the Task Manager utility from Mozilla:

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