Firefox version

I use Mozilla Firefox on my Windows 7 laptop. When I click on Help/About Firefox it shows that I have version 9.0.1 and the button for Apply Update is there so I click on it. It shuts Firefox and restarts it but it doesn't change anything. It is still version 9.0.1 and the Apply Update button is still there. It is driving me mad. I read that there is a version 13 of Firefox.. Why am I still on version 9? Has there been a version 10, 11 and 12 that I missed? Firefox has always updated itself automatically so how have I missed these updates?

Good news Vanessa. You should find it a lot snappier that previous versions, due to extensive work that the guys at Firefox have put in under-the-hood. The release cycle for new versions of Firefox has changed recently, and you will find that they come every six weeks or so from now on.

Thanks guys. I have now installed the latest version. It now says I have version 13.0.1

Brian's idea is a good one, as there can be many reasons for it not installing correctly. Here is a web page describing many different examples. Yes, indeed there have been many versions since version 9, and many improvements.

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