First attempt at smoking

First go at smoking

Chinese smoked pork

Not too shabby


How does it taste?

Woodbines for me.


Are you in the Gironde? Sorry - bad taste. Unlike the pork?

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Hi Mat

It tastes delicious.

The only slight problem is that i think I slightly over cooked it. It was a very cheap cut with very little fat.

I also had to get used to topping the water up etc.Good learning experience.

On to the next smoking



Naughty but funny !

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Nice work Andy! What cut of pork is that? I find eschine (shoulder?) works great in the smoker, but I’ve never done it Chinese style. I would love to know a little about any marinades and seasoning.

What wood did you use for smoking?

Weber do a great applewood charcoal briquette that’s excellent for pork (and chicken).

I love smoking whole chickens and turning them into chicken croquettes. Great for the freezer.

I also love bbq pork ribs done in a vaguely southern / Texan style.

I flippin’ love smoking meats - been doing it on and off for about five years so still learning the basics really - even the local chef comes and uses my smoker sometimes :slight_smile:

What kind of smoker do you use? Mine is a Macs BBQ ProQ I think. Apparently there’s a modular extension piece you can buy that makes the unit tall enough for a whole suckling pig!

Morning Dan

Made a marinade of

Honey, Hoisin sauce, rice wine, light soya, dash of dark soya and Chinese five spice powder.

Used beech chips that came with the smoker.

The smoker is a Vounot, which I bought from Le Clercs. Thinks its made in China. It is a bit cheap and cheerful but a decent option for a beginner. It’s one of those upright ones that looks like R2D2 from Starwars.

My bbq is a Weber - excellent quality