First letter arrives from a mairie in mayenne

As i have previously warned and expected, a french friend has received a letter from the Mairie in Ambrierres les vallees, advising that if his non conforming waste water treatment system is not rectified, the Mairie will enter the property, carry out the work, at a minimum cost to him of 8000 euro plus tax.

The strange part is that french chap lives in couesmes which has its own Mairie.

Ambrierres is where the local spanc are that cover couesmes.

I wonder if its a double act because the local maire wants to get voted in again at a later date!

Hence a different Maire issues the letter?

I suppose it shows the french have the same problem as the expats.

I'll second that last bit.

What I want to know is, what happens when one says "ok fair enough but I don't have 8k"

Are there going to be (as rumoured) payment facilities / discounts for low income households etc.?

There are lots of people in rural France who simply won't be able to find the money so what happens then?

Anyone heard anything concrete or rather, solid?

(Did you see that clever little pun there....!)

Keith, perhaps your friend's property is across both communes, since Ambrières les vallées and Couesmes are next to each other. Just a thought.