First of the season

Please meet Tish, our first abandoned kitten after Christmas.

A lady heard a car stop and found a kitten waiting for her in the cold and dark! Without doubt, an unwanted Christmas present!!

Tish is a little dirty and shaken after her experiences but has managed to purr her way through a bowl of kitten food. As soon as she is ready(neutered, vaccinated and microchipped), I'll place her details on Pet Rescue.

Bravo Lynn and go little fuzzy-face-cutie Tish! We are crossing fingers and paws for this pretty girl!

We've had many many calls for Tish, now she is neutered vaccinated and microchipped, we have people coming to see her on Saturday - fingers crossed she won't be with us for long!!

Sad thing is that we are under no dellusions that this type of act will ever stop, but it doesn't make it any easier to accept for those of us who see such cruelty on a daily basis.

However, we look forward to seeing little Tish blossom into the gorgeous puss-cat she deserves to be and then placed in the best possible home.

Oh bless her - poor little mite! And so it begins. Bon courage! xx

Pour little thing! At least she is in best hands now.

Shame on the woman who dumped her.

At least we can help to guarentee her future - cheers Melissa!!

Hello dear Lynn and hello dear little Tish. I send you both warmth, affection and SOLIDARITY!

Bon appétit à vous deux!

Et bisous de nous tous.