First time doing French 2042 and 2042 C Pro for rental

Hi All,

First timer … be gentle :blush: :blush:

Look for a little help. Doing a first tax return on our French Holiday home we let for a few weeks starting in 2023. We are Non French Residents.

Read up here and elsewhere and printed out the 2 forms as we have to do manually for the first time and then get our French Tax number.

so 2 Questions

On 2042 we complete ADRESSE au 1st Jan 2024 using our UK address ?

Then on 2042 C PRO
same address on top but under “Nom De L’exploitant” names again and the UK address OR the french address ???

Im ok with jumping to the Micro Bic section after that for furnished 5ND and 5OD

Hope that makes sense and look forward to response



Hi Again ,

Attached the relevant bit of the 2042 C Pro and highlighted in red the Field I mean …

Hopefully makes sense to someone out there.



2042 C Pro Address.pdf (487.2 KB)

It’s you in box one (presumably UK address?) and address of rental in box two

Hi ,

Thanks for your reply.

I’ll crack on now and submit them.

Thanks Again