Fish 'n' chips soiree in mouhous (64330) 6-9 today!

More people attending the Fish 'n' Chips soiree in Mouhous, 6-9 pm are Barbel Windsor, the Hairy Pikers, Whaleon Jennings, Sean Coddery, Catfish s tevens & Skate Beckinsale.

Unable to attend due to prior engagemnets are Quentin Chips and Squid James.

Tickets at 16€ pp still available or just turn up! Sandy and Neil Whitehead 05 59 04 90 02/0684 49 20 02.

How did it go Neil?

Very good, with 76 diners - around 50% were French some of whom had never partaken of the great British Friday night tradition. We had to hold it at the Mairie due to inclement weather - rain, cold wind and black clouds but we felt at home! The fish and chips by Cod en Bleu was excellent. We may hold another on 5th November with some live music.