Five day Internet and phone blackout in and around Huelgoat

Maybe the Mairie know what has happened… they are normally in the loop…:wink:

Fingers crossed for Wednesday… :grinning:

As I wrote the offer of the 4G box was immediate, there was no time to check whether it would be efficient or not. I repeat, Orange provided great service.

I heard you the first time, didn’t disbelieve you then and still don’t.:wink:

If you are with Orange, and have an outage of more than a few days, give them a call and ask for a refund - they will make you an offer and take it off your next bill. No idea what other providers do.

Thanks Mark - it probably has something to do with who owns the infrastructure, although a loss of consumption of service is in itself a good basis for a refund.

Well, Orange did finally turn up this morning and replaced the drop-wire from the pole to the house so I’m back on-line properly. As a bonus the shiny new cable has brought a very useful increase in internet speed.


Welcome back Paul ! We could do with an internet speed increase too !

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Well, initial euphoria short lived as connection not at all stable :frowning:

I get pretty decent speeds here, one of the advantages in living in a village centre which has had VDSL equipment installed. The increased speed seems to have proven mostly illusory - I suspect they reset the equipment to the highest speed possible but despite a high apparent connection speed the useful download speed was very low (1-2Mbps) and intermittent- constantly dropping out and reconnecting. After 48 hours it has settled down to pretty much exactly what I used to get but the connection is now much more stable and download speeds are roughly what I would expect.

Oh well, at least I’m back online.

We are living in the middle of nowhere. We had a technician who came few years ago. He has disconnected all the telephone sockets (which had to be instaled for the Edf Consuel :roll_eyes:) exept the one we use for the livebox. My computer is linked to the livebox by a ethernet cable. It has help the speed a lot. Bill’s laptop works on Wifi, but not too far from the livebox.

We didn’t get a signal far from our Bouygues Box so bought one of these,
tp-link cpl av1200 wi-fi bi-bande 1200 mbps.
Now get a good signal throughout the house.

We have something similar from Netgear… which means OH can work on the outside terraces and all around the inside of the house. Our thick stone walls were blocking the signal from the Box in my office… and driving him mad… :zipper_mouth_face:

They aren’t cheap though and I was very sceptical, but they work really well.

Old French houses with metre-thick granite walls were, for some inexplicable reason not built for easy installation of Wi-Fi :slight_smile:

Powerline adapters can be useful and I have them as part of my own network both in the UK and France but I’m not actually a fan. They are a bit of a compromise, rarely give the speed claimed on the box (the biggest limiting factor is usually the house wiring) and the ones with built-in Wi-Fi wind up in almost the worst location for the Wi-Fi to work well (low down next to a wall).

If at all possible an Ethernet cable and decent wi-fi access point will be better, however if that is impossible they are quick, convenient and work well enough. Obviously Chris is happy with his.

Elisabeth - is your phone “ligne fixe” or via the livebox?

My phone is via the livebox Paul. I used to have both.

Because of the thick walls I had no signal in some rooms but now a have an excellent signal throughout the house. Our house was probably rewired around 9 years ago so perhaps that helps. The TP-link was recommended by someone we knew so decided to take a punt.
We get roughly the same download speed everywhere, not just near the box.

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Loving all your comments about thick stone walls.

I live in an HLM apartment block built in the 1960’s and the walls/floors are paper thin. I can hear the woman 2 floors up clearing her throat. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: This also means I get to hear the people in the flats above me using the toilet - it’s delightful :unamused:

Anyway, I digress. I can get a signal from my Livebox about 50 metres away from the flat and can detect all other modems throughout the building. Happily, our Livebox is very secure.

I guess that’s added precisely nothing to this discussion. Carry on everyone.


Oh Mandy… we lived in a property like that in the UK, when we were first married. Could almost have a conversation with the neighbours, through the walls… :roll_eyes::grin:

Yep, no problem having a conversation in this house even if separated by 2 walls :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Why do builders do it… surely a little more solidity doesn’t cost a bomb…