Five day Internet and phone blackout in and around Huelgoat

A couple of weeks ago Huelgoat and surrounding villages and hamlets lost their internet and phone for about five full days.

There was no explanation from the service provides and the only info available was via a newspaper article

There must have been countless households and businesses that have lost income and access to services, apart from the inconvenience. (I read 1400 households).

The Service providers remain silent - no explanations, apologies, offers of compensation etc. Nevertheless my recent monthly phone + internet bill came in the same regardless that no service was provided in part of that period. I could trawl the service providers website to learn more but …

Did anyone else on this site supper the same blackout and are wondering how to seek explanations, apologies, refunds etc from the service providers? I note that both SFR and Orange subscribers alike lost service.

If the internet/line is provided by one and the same company… you could always ask them for a refund pro rata… what else did the Newspaper say… ?? :thinking:

Newspaper just said technical fault that could not be fixed so the equipment had to be replaced, which took days. If you can believe what the papers say (or the service provider).

I wonder who owns the infrastructure anyway?

As to asking SFR for a refund … I’m not sure I have the stamina…

Hi Alec… I’ve just realized the timescale… was this anything to do with the storms that have ravaged parts of France in the last few weeks ?

Thousands of homes were without telephone/electricity… some are still experiencing problems…

If you think that’s bad we have clients who had until last Friday been without a landline since the 4th of July due to a lightning strike that wiped out connection to the their hamlet. No apology from Orange and no sign of any compensation, don’t you just love France.

If they have been without their internet Orange will have offered them a temporary 4G connection.

Hi Stella

No not a storm problem - we had no storm just a 5 day blackout on phone and internet but not electricity.

Then why not sent a letter and ask for a rebate… what have you got to lose…

You could also go on the FB Page… and send a message/ask the question… I am told that this works well for many folk…

…please excuse my ignorance - what is the FB page?

Hi Alec… my mobile provider has a Web Page on which (as well as useful info) it shows a Facebook Page link as well…where customers can make contact. Perhaps your Provider does too… worth a look, worth a try…

No 4G in the area, we’re lucky to get 3G on our phones.

I assume the rebate comment was directed to me. The whole hamlet (seven houses) have written collectively but have yet to receive a response.

Hi Tim… no, I was actually replying to Alec Gray… :relaxed:

Sorry Stella.

:grin::grin: no probs… sometimes one person’s answer works for another person as well… but not always…:thinking:

For you… just wondering if the hamlet sent a letter with proof of delivery??? otherwise the provider can just shrug… darn nuisance.

They will still have made the offer.

Fraid not David, we went into the nearest Orange shop and asked for a 4g box but as soon as they input the phone number ‘the computer said no’. We then asked what the options were for our client and were met with the usual Gallic shrug followed by ‘they’ll have to wait for the lines to be repaired’ and we weren’t even given a timescale. Shocking service but typical Orange/France Telecom.

I disagree. You seem to be in your I hate France and the French mode at the moment. The service that I have received from a Orange has been excellent, I was offered a 4G box by text message immediately the only fault that I have had to report was noted. The line fault was fixed much faster than they quoted as well.

No need to get personal David, this issue didn’t affect us directly but our clients and their paying guests and the service they received was appalling. There are certain bits of 17 that have mobile ‘deadspots’ and unfortunately this hamlet is one of them so residents have no choice but to have a fixed line or go down the satellite route.

My faith, or otherwise, in Orange will depend on whether they turn up and fix my line on Wednesday. In my case the cause of the problem is obvious - someone or something has ripped the line from the house. I’m not sure what the weather has been like but it might be pertinent to note that the road has been dug up outside, clearly to do some work on the storm drains, perhaps someone got careless with a JCB.

The online chat was pretty efficient though, at booking the engineer so the experience has been reasonably positive up to press.