Flashguns - Nissin or Canon

I have a Canon EOS 40D that I’ve owned for a few years now, but I’ve yet to buy a proper flash for it.

The flash is intended to be used out and about, if I’m in the studio I’m using their lights and radio sync, so studio use for the small portable flash is not required.

I’ve looked at the Canon Speedlites in the past but the price usually puts me off.

On the Park Cameras website, there’s a Nissin Di622Mkii which looks equivalent to a Canon Speedlite 430 EXII. Does anyone have any experiences, good or bad, with either the Nissin range, or Canon Speedlite 430/580 flash?

Hi Phil

I’ve read quite a few reviews of Nissin and another make Yongnuo. Not sure if you can get the latter for Canon, being a Nikonian myself :wink:
They got pretty good reviews in a magazine I bought for the article on off camera flash.
I think I will be buying two Yongnuo flashes with the i-shoot wireless flash triggers. The Yongnuo 560 also has optical slave mode.
Don’t know if that helps.