Flea help please

What a few days!

Since originally mentioning the flea issue a few days ago, the washing machine seems to have been going non-stop, together with the hoover.

I’ve changed all the bedding every day, I’ve changed all clothing every day and washed them, I washed the duvets and changed duvets every night.

I visited a local pet store to get some flea spray to hopefully kill them off, then sprayed all around the bed and surrounding floor.

And after all of above, I’m still getting bitten every night!

I don’t have any pets, and now really wondering what else I can possibly do to eradicate them, as it’s all taking so so much time, on top of the obvious constant itching. Any input gratefully received.

Have you been able to get hold of one of the fumigène smoke bomb things? If you’re being bitten still then you need to kill the alive ones now, and watch out in a few weeks for any larvae that the current critters have laid.

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Have you checked for bed bugs? They could be the culprits.

But if there was a flea infested pet in the house, flea eggs will be everwhere and continue hatching for a while. You will have to treat the whole house, not just the bed room.
Get a professionels help, or buy Insect bombs to treat whole rooms. You might have to leave the house for a few nights after setting them off


Put white sheets on and have a look for the flea’s as they are easy to spot, if not as Bettina say’s I would go with bed bugs especially as you don’t have any pets.

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I was going to mention beg bugs, the biting at night could be an indication of them rather than fleas

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I’m almost 100% positive it’s not bed bugs, as I’ve actually seen about 6 fleas over the past days. I do have white sheets on the bed which helped me identify them. As suggested on the internet, I wore light coloured socks whilst walking around and sure enough picked up a couple on the socks. I don’t have any pets, but I think I picked up some fleas from some wood that I was given.

I finally decided against the insect bomb as didn’t feel great about the idea, but if all else fails then might take the option reluctantly.

Apparently fleas also prefer to come out at night to bite, as they don’t like bright light.

If it is fleas then either the bombs or go to the vets for some stronger spray.

The pet shop sprays are limited - Amazon or Vets and get one that actually deals with the eggs.

But I have to say it doesnt sound like fleas - either way spray or bomb are your only real choices


The more I’m thinking, the more the bomb may be gaining more appeal, as I really don’t want anymore bites!

Can anyone recommend any bombs that are effective? When I went into the local Mr Bricolage the other day what I saw were a few products made by Kapo in small tins that I think you light to get going.

A quick bit of searching and found this fumigation product. I’d be interested to know what anyone else thinks.


Try the local vet surgery as they often sell them for clients to use if they get infested.


That’s a diffuser - slow release.

Same brand as an aerosol works okay -i’ve only used it on second hand furniture but it fixed that

Might be an idea to get the bites “identified” by the pharmacy or your Doc… then go with whatever they suggest…

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Reminds me of the “aoutâts” that bit every august, hence the name and always around the sock,bra or underpants lines.

Sorry to be flippant @letsmile but it seems to be my day for simplicity, why not get some pets to draw the fleas away from you, and then fit them with Seresto collars to kill the pests off?

I really do hope you find the solution though, it must be a really bad experience that you are going through.

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@chrisell When I looked at the diffuser it’s basically a fumigator so you can’t go back in the house for two hours after it’s released. I’m now thinking this is the best solution rather than try to deal with guessing isolated locations.

@stella yes will be visiting the pharmacy again today still for antihistamine cream and will ask for their opinion on the bite source.

@Shiba good idea - I’ve ordered from Amazon as with their delivery time I wouldn’t receive it until Wed, but it is returnable if I can find a local alternative locally.

@David_Spardo very lateral idea and thanks, but right now I’m hyper conscious of any pets coming into the house. Before I wasn’t bothered but now, well, these bites are now numerous and very itchy, so wont take any risks.

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Went into the local pharmacy and they identified them as flea bites. And they sold me ‘foggers’ which are basically fumigators. Wont do today as need to be out of the house for two hours after initiating them. But rather positively, these foggers also kill a number of other nasties e.g bed bugs. What a palaver, and hope nobody else here has to go through similar!

Been there, done it. Had some rather dirty longer term gite clients with their rather dirty flea infested cats. It took 4 smoke bomb things, upstairs and downstairs twice to get rid of them. Then I had to deal with the fleas…