Hi everyone,

I have a dilemma. Our new puppy Harvey has an attack of the fleas and I can’t get rid of them!! he’s been advantixed, frontlined!! and we’ve sprayed the house, to no avail. I’m at my wits end as to what to do.

We have a cat and he’s been done too but doesn’t seem to be suffering quite as much. It’s a nightmare. If anyone has any advice it would be gratefully recieved.

Many thanks

Gill King xxx

Conilhac Corbieres

The Seresto Flea & Tick collar from Bayer offers a breakthrough of 8 months of flea and tick protection for dogs or cats, setting it apart from conventional flea and tick collars. Funnily its cheaper in the US http://petathome.info/2013/07/bayer-seresto-flea-and-tick/ because here I paid something over 50 € some month ago. It is working better then this monthly pill and its really working. It is protecting against this nasty tick that is causing really heart problems. But still, for those living in the South a warning: this collar is NOT protecting against Leishmaniasis, this dam sandfly you mainly find in the South. You need your pet vaccinated against this parasite!!!

My wife says THANKS. I've just tried the site. Am I right, it's Australia? That's where I ended up with petsmegastore.au when I was redircted to pets-megastore. com

Natural indeed, we've found something that is organic, makes the fur just sparkle, keeps Urinary Tract Infection, (UTI), away, regulates appetite, and oh, keeps fleas away, as well as other ailments. We have 2 cats, we rescued a sister and brother in '07 and we've never seen, (or felt) a flea! Before I found this solution, I had my fair share of flea woes, always having fur babies in the house. L.A.,(where we live), in infamous for flea problems, also having wall-to-wall carpeting as we do doesn't help. On that note if you keep a flea collar in the hoover bag or canister, any fleas that get sucked up in there will eventually die, because of the collar being in a small enclosed area. Otherwise they will live in there, procreate, and escape to re-infect your home.

The thing we use: RAW Apple Cider Vinegar, (ACV, the amber colored one with the sinewy 'mother' in it). In the U.S. we find it at health-food stores. The brand that is plentiful here is Bragg. I don't know if they have it in Fr. But it must be the raw sort of ACV.

Application: We use to put some in a small spray bottle and just give each cat about 5 sprays on the scruff, and rub it in, lest it rolls off their back. We found that the 'mother' eventually clogged the sprayer, so we just open the lid of that small bottle, (way easier to navigate than the big glass bottle we buy), and pour probably about a tablespoon on the scruff and rub it in. A couple times a week should do it.

Sometimes we forget to do it for quite awhile and don't think of it until our male, prone to occasional UTIs, starts demonstrating urinary distress. Then I'll say to my husband, Charlie needs to be vinegared, and we give 'em both a dose! My friend says her pit bull just loves it when she puts some in his water, so I think some animals like the taste. Our felines groom it off themselves and each other. I don't know if they actually like it, or they just want to get that stuff off their fur.

I don't like the taste, so I found it in tablet form and take it whenever I have digestive/gastro woes like indigestion. My naturopath/acupuncturist told me that as we age, the production of digestive juices diminishes, an on occasion making something we eat putrefy in our stomaches, forming their own gasses which come up to give us heartburn. ACV will then help the body digest said food. A lot of people think, or are told that they have acid-reflux and take acid suppressors which only exacerbate the problem as in my case. I feel much better now than I use to and hardly ever get heartburn. Before ACV I got it all the time. And you should see my fur, haha.

We also think it keeps the cats healthier than they would be otherwise. I included a link I found on the net.


Good luck.

Sorry for the mistake in typing! I buy online from petsmegastore.au and it costs me 37 euros for 6 tablets (for small dogs). I also get wormer (for my dogs and for my horses) and tick treatments and collars from them. MUCH cheaper than French prices for exactly the same products. My vet even told me that they buy stuff from them.

I hope this is helpful.

Scrub that! Iv'e just realised that the product is Comfortis (one word). My wife has just come back & informs me we use it. Doh! The problem is it costs 53euros for 3 tablets at the vets. Do you have another source?

We have the same problem & our mutt suffers from allergic dermatitis. Gillian can you be more specific on the Comfort product as it seems like the dog's doodahs. I tried to google it with no luck.

Hi Gillian

I breed border terriers and Connemara ponies so we have hay, straw etc - ideal breeding ground for fleas. I was at my wit's end last year with the same problems as you, and also two of my dogs developed allergic dermatitis from the fleas, and were constantly scratching!

Breakthrough came when a vet bought one of my pups, and she recommended Comfort is. Its a tablet you give with food once a month. It kills all stages of fleas. Since then we are "flea free"!

Good luck in getting rid of the little buggers!

Hi Gill, google for SERESTO, - it worx!!!If you order through a UK site good luck, its being delivered in a thin container..., order it through a FR side or get you vet doing it for you. Its really expensive and Harvey must be above 6 month minimum!

Hi All found this interesting LINK it is on Cesar Milan’s website and has some facts about Fleas, iradication and how long it takes etc… thought it worth a mention. G.

Hi Gina,
The ‘Bomb’ worked really well!!! thank God. It was well worth the 27 euros. Hopefully, fingers crossed it might have done the trick for a while. At least I know now that they do work and I can get one if it happens again.
Thanks again for all your help, now just need loads of help in training my mad puppy!!!
Gill xxx

Hi Gillian How is it going? Did the Bomb ( shades of Peter Sellars ) work? Be interested in how you got on? G .

We have 4 Old English Sheepdogs and so far had no ticks or fleas using Advantix, as we have 1 acre of grass and scrub land for them to run around in plus the surrounding woods I’m quite pleased with the treatment but am open to suggestions especially regarding prices i am unable to buy Advantix in the uk without a vet prescription but the local phamacy sells it over the counter here in France, the price of dog food over here stunned me when we first brought the dogs over and as our uk vet was more than happy with the condition of our dogs i was not willing to change food so contacting the manufacture arranged to buy in bulk, 65 bags, we use 1 bag per week so 12 months supply, including transport cost it worked out at 13 euros per bag saving over 75% on the price of food here, friends laughed when i suggested the idea until they saw the savings now i order their cat and dog food.


Hi,I have adog and two cats.For fleas and ticks I use “eco spot” which is a natural insect repellent,available at jardiland delbard etc. It is a mixture of natural essences and extracts that repel fleas and ticks.I find it works very well.It is available as a pipette or as a collar.

Hi Jennifer,
I’ve looked at your website and found the link for Beaphar. I must say they are much cheaper than what the vet just sold me!!! If I can’t find a local supplier can I give you a ring??
Thanks a lot for your help.
By the way your B&B looks fab, might have to venture up with our two kids and dog someday (when he isn’t flea ridden obviously!!!).
Cheers muchly

Thanks so much Jennifer,
I’m definately interested in this product if it works for you.
I’ll be in touch if I can’t find it anywhere.
Thanks again