Fleshing it out, from the series Le Cap D'Agde

Fleshing it out

I live with my wife and 'teapot lids' in the wonderful Cap D'Agde, overlooking the Med. (Scoff). In front of us is Le Page Du Mole, or 'Plage of Moles' as we call it...we 're mad we are! To the East a tad you have le Plage de Roquille, sand 'n stuff, then you have an inland waterway, and just the other side is the Plage du Naturisme. Looks like a mass Buddhist gathering from a distance! Depending on how powerfull your binoculars are. I do have a regular 'gig' spot in the complex, thank God for the Double Bass!!!!

If you were to key in the words, Cap D'Agde into Google, you may well find some references to 'Ancient Greek fishing Port in Southern France, but the majority of entries, most likely will refer to The Village Naturist, the Naked City, as depicted below.

Mais Pourquoi? Well it goes back a long way. JFK is the acronym for John F. Kennedy, moreover now-a-days for the airport named in his honour; KKK a club for pointy hatted bigots, also prevalent in living memory, but mention FKK

( eff Ka Ka ) to your average German and they will nod knowingly. Frei Korper Kulture, hit your Google translate NOW! The following link takes you to some samples which illustrate perfectly the origins of the modern movement of perhaps more innocent times. Freedom! ( Please note the previous link takes you to a Flickr(R) page illustrating the innocent days of the FKK Movement, don't visit if you are offended by nudity ). If you are looking for more information, and perhaps seeking employment in the Naturism Hospitality industry read on...

Village Naturiste

Naturisme breaking down the barriers?

Port Ambonne

Port Ambonne

Port Ambonne


Spa Natureva



Oz Inn

New Builds en face


Wet Stuff

The Complex truly is a City in its own right, Butcher Baker, Candle Stick maker, for happy campers naturally. Many of the visitors that come to stay for 2/3 weeks at a time, some several times a year, and leave their cars at home t take advantage of the many cost effective flights that arrive in nearby Beziers, or Montpellier, or further afield, Perpignon, Carcasonne, Nimes. It is sometimes a chore to get to the Cap from these destinations, but once you're there, you don't really have to leave the complex at all

The hedonistic crew, are more often seen are to be seen du Soir, on their hunt for some one with whom to swap. Oh sorry, with whom to swap interesting annecdotes. But the factions each, in turn, are either segregated, oft seen but certainly tolerated. It is that that makes the whole place work. For the average hard working, rule abiding, tax paying ( some of us!! ) people, who want a place to holiday and relax, be at one with nature and yes, be a bit liberated. So family nudists, mainly stay in the Camping Oltra (adjacent ) the gays play dune buggies ( I gather ) and the Libertines, exchangists, weirdos to some, parade up down,when the kids are in bed, flaunting apparel that you wouldn't even wear in your own bed. To the uninitiated, it is an eye opener, maybe shocking. But for a city of often 40000 at any given time, it is a fun, good humoured, multi national, non violent place to 'take a break'.

Well you might not Adam and Eve it, but it is still a fact, that your whilst average Anlgo Saxon, may enjoy a holiday 'skinny dip' will still decry the concept of nudity in public. And how often do we see party revellers well Ouzo-ed up, mooning to camera on very 'Brits Abroad' documentary? Naturism for most is a life style, and whilst the depleted Ozone calls for Factor Zillion, Sunlight is a great source of Vitamin D, sun and sea lift the spirits, and as on elderly Frenchman once commented ' Oui, I like the fresh air, the feeling ow warmth on my body, the fun and camaraderie,oh yes, and you get to dee a lot of naked women! Voila don't know it, till you tried it.

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