Flipping Mossies again

So far this Summer I've not been bothered by Mosquitos at all (well yes I spent a lot of it in England I know!) but haven't had any bites since I've been back here in August then this week I've been eaten alive.

Apart from Citronella - what do you use to keep the mossies at bay?

I've heard eating marmite is good - or taking Vit B capsules, I would normally start this in April May but didn't get bitten so haven't this year. I eat lots of garlic too.

Any other suggestions?

Advice from our doc in Africa: make sure there are no pools of water in tins or whatever around the house where they can breed. Even the smallest amount can provide a home. And at dusk, cover up. Long sleeves, trousers or long skirt.

I have the same thing. Never a mosquito bite but those flies, the blisters burn and itch like hell for hours until I get some Apaisylgel on them. The stories about vitamin B, marmite and so on seem to be myths started by people who use them who are probably coincidentally not bitten. For the rest of the family we simply have citronella oil burners and have also citronella filler for the plug ins at night.

Just to upset the apple cart, the cats manage to find their way on to beds now and again which means a night of fleas, stripping bedding and steam cleaning the mattress in question. Fleas beat mosquitoes proboscis down :-(

I usually use my missus as they prefer her to me. She's been in Blighty for the last few days & the blighters made a right meal of me the one night I forgot to plug in the anti mossie thing :-)