Floor Tile Insert

Our entrance hallway was retired in a sort of off white/cream cement tile in the 70s. The tiles are 16cm thick. We’ve found some lovely Art Deco tiles that I’d like to put in to create a permanent rug effect as you walk in. My problem is that the replacement tiles are 8cm thick. I’m concerned that when I put in the new tile the drying/curing process will pull the tiles down and create a recess. Having only laid entire floors in the past, I’m unaware how much of this will take place. Does anyone have any ideas?

Might be better (and easier) to use a self levelling compound (ragreage) rather than concrete/cement. It can be poured in and will give you a flat surface to tile onto. Good luck, it's not easy to remove a row of tiles cleanly without damaging those to the sides.

David, well is functioning correctly so I’m allowed out now. But only to do MORE jobs. You’re correct re should have typed MM. I’d love to blame autocorrect. But can’t.
Nice idea and one I may look at trying. I’m thinking of putting a 4mm skim of concrete down and then the tile and adhesive.

Blimey Martin I thought you were still down your well. Those are pretty hefty tiles at 16cm do you mean mm. In my experience what you fear shouldn't occur. If you're worried then I suggest you sacrifice one of the new tiles. Cut a section of tile lay it in the space where you want to put your inserts so it's level with the existing tile surface let the adhesive go off and then check to see if the level has been maintained.