Flour Tortillas by James Higginson

Flour Tortillas

Quick and easy, general purpose bread dough for pizza, flour tortillas, naan etc

I say easy but I do have a Kitchen Aid mixer with a dough hook!


500 grams bread flour - the basic white stuff will do fine or you can mix in some nice wholemeal flour.

One sachet of dried yeast (levure)

Pinch of salt


Put the flour, salt and yeast into the bowl

Turn on the mixer with the hook attached (slow speed)

Add most of the water and leave it for a couple of minutes, it will

start to form a ball and begin to clean the sides of the bowl after a

while, if it doesn't and it's still crumbly add a bit more water, if

it's too sticky add a bit more flour.

Remove it from the bowl, and place it on a floured surface flattening

it a little, just enough to be able to fold the edges in to the centre

all the way round.

Turn it over and shape it into a nice round ball.

Cover it and leave it until it doubles in size. It's very important not

to knock it or leave it in a draught as it may collapse. I put mine

back in the bowl and covered it with the lid. Depending how warm it is

where you put it it could take anything from a hour to a day to rise. I

put mine near the wood burner, not too close though.

When it has risen, knock it back down on a floured surface again and

pull a chunk off about golf ball size. Roll it flat until it's about

3mm thick. Put a frying pan on to heat up, thicker the better, and you

want it very hot.

Brush the pan with a bit of oil or butter and when it's nearly smoking

chuck in your dough, you'll start to see bubbles forming on top, after

about 45 seconds or when dark brown spots have formed on the underside,

turn it over. Brush the cooked side with a little more oil, the other

side will be done in a few seconds.

Eat it, or store under a tea towel!

I spread a bit of goats cheese and some fresh chilli on mine.

You can keep the remaining dough in the fridge and use it cold whenever you like
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I see you suggest this as good for pizza too, may i suggest one addition for pizza, replace 20% of you flour with semolina (semoule extra fin), it gives the dough a great consistency and helps create that real easy to bite into crunch that you get with your classic stone baked pizza even if you only use a standard metal tray in the oven

I hadn’t ever thought to make my own tortillas -but may do so now.

No Kitchen Aid here unfortunately - just some strong hands :grin:

Thanks for posting it.

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