Flours of France

I'm looking for some advice on a couple of things.

1. What would everyone advise to use as self-raising flour? Is there a specific type that I could use?

2. And has anyone managed to find Dream Topping here? I'm in the Montpellier area and have so far been unable to find it.


I thought Dream Topping disappeared in the 60's along with Fanny and Johnny.

Thanks, belatedly, for your replies. I tried a bit of trail and error and eventually discovered the alsace levure chimique method, which worked a treat. I likewise had a problem with the amount of liquid I was adding but got that sorted. I've yet to see dream topping but I'll have a look for the creme and see how that works. Thanks again.

For self-raising flour you use Gateaux, farine de ble avec poudre levante.

I am always careful when using french flour as their wheat is softer than in UK, so take care when adding liquid, you will probably need less.

I haven't thought about dream topping for years. OIf you want whipped cream you can use creme crue or creme fleurette, not the low fat type though.

My wife buys the gateau flour type 45 and adds rising agent Levure chimique must be good because everyone asks her to bake a cake never seen dream toppping