Flowers, I am so relieved!

Just having my money worth Stella! Some old bones are still worth digging up for another chew, as us some of old dogs know. Grrrrrrrrrrrr :japanese_ogre::yum:

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It would be useful to see your comments put onto that thread though, in context with the input already posted by others…

I am interested in opinion, regarding this specific shindig, at this time of 'Austerity, homelessness and for many, hunger, foodbanks etc, not the Republican Debate.

Frankly, it’s their wedding… let them do as they wish … I reckon… :relaxed:

(and I was only trying to point out to Peter where his comments would be most welcomed IMO)

Who is paying for it ALL, them, I doubt it, they could elope :slightly_smiling_face:, how much food could be distributed, how many beds provided, how much misery alleviated it’s just the seeming lack of ‘sympathetic sense’, of priorities Stella, it seems so unfair/unfeeling!

We will obviously never see eye to eye on this…

as I said, it’s their wedding… and I wish them well… as I do everyone who is getting married… and enjoying a celebration …


The monarchy is the antithesis of fairness, Bill. There is not a snowballs chance in hell that you or yours could get up there with the blue-blooded is there? So why do you wonder why it is not fair? Your role is to pull your forelock and bow your head to them, and believe how lucky you are that they should “rule over you” as the national hymn exhorts you. And don’t forget that it is your patriotic duty to sing the anthem in public, wearing a decent suit and tie.

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I rather like Harry and Megan. Harry didn’t ask to be born into that catastrophic family, and his girl seems a nice young woman. I would also wish them well. They will need good luck. I doubt it will end well for them, or for William and Kate and their kiddies. Their lives are not their own. They are instruments of the Corporate State and its hangers-on. Harry intended to duck out, but was persuaded not to. His price was Megan. They will use her to make him toe the line and stay in the tent, pissing out royally (must be worth a few quid if the press got hold of a bottle full for a DNA test) :zipper_mouth_face::fearful::face_with_head_bandage::skull_and_crossbones::boom:

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I don’t “Wonder why it’s not fair” Peter, I’m very aware it’s not fair, sadly!

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Quite right Bill, I accept you didn’t wonder. So what’s to be done about it? Anti-monarchist views are not exactly welcomed in UK, especially in England. They, the monarchy, aren’t going to roll over and give up their privileges, nor will the Great and Good. The myth must be perpetuated and, if push ever came to shove, the army would round up the řepublican dissenters and blood would flow in the gutters. I think it might even happen, after all it happened here in France!

I admire the French and their taste for passionate rebellion. Maybe the Brits have gone soft. Too much white bread with the crust removed and sugary milky tea, not to mention weak beer. :grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good idea, Stella. I may reopen that can of worms. Like a hungry taupe. Making mole hills out of mountains. :sunglasses:

I just think there is total apathy on the part of the majority, re the monarchy, but what about the present ‘squandering’ of, supposedly, meager resources, or, I suppose it’s another diversion from the B’t disaster!

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The cake thing was a joke of course, I just can’t imagine Harry giving a monkeys cuss about what flowers they are having. Now, if he got to choose the beer…:beers::beers:


I think this shows genuine goodwill…


Me too Stella and good luck to them, but no doubt there will be the usual grumblers :wink:
As an aside, we often see now after an ‘event’ lots of flowers left by/outside the areas concerned. If the money spent was given to a charity then it would do a lot more good. Hate the smell of rotting flowers, and someone has to clear up the mess.
As a family we long ago decided that ‘no flowers please’ at a funeral but a donation instead.

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Wedding presents were intended to help a young couple set up home, though, weren’t they - well here the couple is not young (ie not on first go at living away from the parental home) and they have probably already got everything they may need.