Flowers, I am so relieved!

Well I hope You are all as relieved as I am, Harry and Megan have ‘at last’ chosen the flowers for the wedding!!! Phewww :roll_eyes:


:relaxed::wink::upside_down_face: virtually every minute detail of the coming nuptials, will be avidly followed by a number of folk I know personally… all French… and all “of a certain age”… you wouldn’t begrudge them their fun, surely … :thinking::grin::grin:


It’s the dosh I would begrudge, if I was homeless and hungry in the UK Stella :roll_eyes:

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Good job done they have chosen the bouquets for the big day.But they didn’t go to Holy Mass with the Royal family on Easter sunday. What were they up too that is the question.

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:upside_down_face::thinking: I don’t think Harry has been part of that Easter crowd for some years… :zipper_mouth_face: and he’s got his mind on other things nowadays… I reckon :heart_eyes:

Rumour has it that the wedding cake is going to be modelled on his apache helicopter gunship he flew in Afghanistan

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And why not… I think he has earned the right… :relaxed:

A lot of us going to be ‘Monumentally Sick’ of hearing about this World Event, I was going to say, before it’s over, but Long, Long Before That! :roll_eyes:

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Now then Bill… you started this thread… might be better to discuss the weather instead… or what’s for dinner tonight… :roll_eyes::hugs:

Oh! be interesting to hear opinion, could be a silent majority :thinking:
I assume you consider Dinner etc ‘safe’???

What about dum-dum bullets instead of confetti to add more colour to the Happy Couple’s battle-themed nuptials, Mark, and pink and blue cluster bombs attached to the back of the honeymoon car?

I was trying to change the subject, before you got monumentally sick…:upside_down_face:

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That was very thoughtful Stella would be a catastrophe, full of Tajine and Couscous :hugs:

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Not as nauseating as celebrating Holy Matrimony with a cake representing a machine designed to turn people to bloody pulp by flaying them with bullets. Might as well put icing on a chain-saw for a little girl’s birthday cake, Norma. No point in being queasy about the military, their purpose is to kill people, is it not? For whatever reason.


Maybe a wee ‘Tad’ off Subject, AGAIN, P’ G’? :slightly_smiling_face:

I was interested to hear peoples views, if they have any, on staging this 'extravaganza, in a time of austerity, with ‘Subjects’/people depending on food banks, and sleeping in the street in the UK?

OK Bill and sorry to offend anyone. The world is a bloody mess, but arms should not be glamourised IMO, nor endorsed as symbols of love and commitment, when their purpose is death. I hope the rumour is just an ugly rumour.

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Agreed! Peter :slightly_smiling_face:

Royal shenannegans are said to be a big money-spinner and on that basis it could be argued that the show has to be kept on the road, and is worth tax-payer subsidy.

I would welcome the abolition of the constitutional monarchy, because it’s existence supports the pernicious class system which I think is at the heart of UK social decay and lack of social cohesion. Its lifeblood is petty snobbery and the principle of incontestable inherited privilege and patronage. I have no beef with the Queen as a person but she should be pensioned off and the rest of the family put out to dignified and powerless pasture, with an absence of fuss, hand-wringing, or ceremony…

Peter, this has already been well-thrashed-out in another thread.