Flu Jabs - it's that time again 2018

I know not everyone agrees… but for those who do… get yourself organized…

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I received my letter from RSI (or whatever they are called now) this week. The vaccine will be available from 6 October in the pharmacies.

I would like to have had mine before going to UK… as friends reckon they catch the sniffles (and worse) every visit… but I shall gargle regularly with Scotch Whisky instead… that should help and, if not, I won’t be in any state to care… :roll_eyes::grinning::relaxed:

I’ll get my jab when we return… (I’ve got my letter)…

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I always get some kind of cold/throat infection when I go to the UK. I think I catch it on the plane on the way over. All that horribly recycled air including the germs. :mask::face_with_thermometer:

Perhaps I should soak my hanky in Scotch and snuffle into it for the flight… :slight_smile:

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You might get some funny looks if you’re smelling of whisky on the plane :open_mouth:

I hope everything goes as well as these things can. I will be thinking of you. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Try FlyBe next time, Mandy, they use planes with propellors, cabins the size of a single-decker bus, and wind-down windows to let in some fresh air. :bus::dash::joy:

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I get one when I go to the doctor for my repeat prescription.
This time I will make sure that I am the first.
We have not had our letters yet.

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It isn’t just the nasty recycled air on the plane, but also the fact that when you go somewhere you are exposed to viruses that are 'different 'to the ones you are normally exposed to and therefore have built up some resistance to



I hate flying at the best of times so the thought of flying in a plane with propellers is terrifying. I’ve seen those films where the propellers stop mid flight…aaaggghhhhh!!!

I’ve had my letter but hubby hasn’t had his yet.

I hate visiting the doctor’s surgery as there are always people coughing and spluttering. I usually don’t wait in the salle d’attente for that reason. It could be lethal to take home a respiratory tract infection to my hubby who has COPD.


Yes that too Nellie. Also the general change in environment and stress levels can affect your immune system and make you more susceptible to infection. :face_with_thermometer:

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When you are over, pop into Boots and get their First Defence Nasal Spray - I try to use it every time I am over, in the plane, at the Theatre, on a crowded train - anywhere there are hoards of people. It really does seem to help, I only pick up the coughs and sniffles when I forget to use it!

I don’t use it in France, but do wash my hands every time I return home from shopping etc. Not had a gastro bug in ages, but probably doomed now I have said that. :smirk:

The first thing I do when I get home, no matter where I have been, is wash my hands. You never know what germs you’ve picked up from door handles, shopping trolleys, petrol pumps etc.

We keep a bottle of hand steriliser in our car and use it after packing all the shopping.
We wash our hands again at home.
Research has found that the dirtiest and germiest things around are the boxes in which you put your belongings going through security at airports.
Another good reason not to fly.