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Hi all, I am installing a wood burner in a single story extension and the flue pipe will exit directly through the roof. My problem is that the 'Bricos' I have visited only stock single pipe. Can anybody advise where to buy insulated pipe? I live in Brux 86510. Thanks, John.

My apologies for messaging every member, I am new to this site and made a newbie error.

Thanks to all who replied to my post. I have decided to go with a registered installer and the burner will be fitted this month.

Once again, thanks.


As a practising architect in SW France here's just a little help: Check the insurance on your house. In France if your stove is not installed by a registered installer with a decennial insurance you will not be insured if you have a fire. I have seen installations by "handymen" and they break all the norms in France for safe installation. These are quite stringent and follow the DTU s or building code. If you don't care then you need to look at Poujoulat on the internet for their stainless (inox) tubing, insulated and otherwise. You can usually obtain these through Point P or Chausson or other suppliers like CCL or Malrieu and several other national suppliers of heating and plumbing paraphernalia. You will need to make sure that your pipe is high enough above the ridge is well fixed and conforms to the DTU code which you can also find on the net.

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Link about chimney liners here

will be using the existing chimneys in the house, so down the stack, and all. Maybe three stories at most, for the tallest one.

I've installed two chimneys and the flues in my bungalow for wood burners. The first step is to decide where you want the stove relative to the eves and make sure that you have clear space above so that the Double wall conduit will pass through the joists etc to just under the ceiling.

Second Choose a chimney stack from Poujoulat. this is an example.

You will need single wall tube grom the stove to just under the ceiling, if you have your stove you will know the size you need, I would recommend a telescopic tube so that you can easily remove it for maintenance etc.

Go to your local Toute Materieux builders merchants armed with a sketch showing your roof angle, the distance from the centre line where you want the stove and the distance from the outside wall so that they can calculate how much tubeage and what adaptors, you need and arrange delivery from Poujoulat.

You can order the chimney at the same time.

Remember to have a stiff drink before you visit to lessen the shock!

I would hire someone to do it, I am wondering about the cost, if I should do them all at once, or a few at a time, maybe three a year.

Even with the double lined flue the filler must be non-inflammable. It is easy enough to find it but the amount required for a chimney stack means that it is prohibitive. Doing it is difficult as well and for somebody trying to do it without paying for a professional equipped to fill an entire cavity almost impossible. So the only way of doing it is to open the stack at well spaced out intervals and hope that the whole space is filled. Fortunately we had a new chimney stack built as we installed the liner and were able to work upwards filling as we went.

I too will need to address this issue, I want to use my fireplaces, with small woodburners, to lower my electric bills, and my renters. We here, use a double lined flue, with insulation filler. What are the legal requirements dealing with liners?

My mother bought some from Briconautes if u have one near u.

We found it absolutely no problem at all. I went to a local(-ish) specialist stove, etc, shop who also do installations, bought the length we needed plus some and when the builder put up the external chimney we installed it together. The shop even told me where to go to buy the exact bricks for the stack and wrote down for me the exact spec. Try the stove shops and you should hit pot luck at one of them.

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We had this problem a few years ago and it took forever to find a solution. However - now we know - there are two options, either you can go into any of the woodburner shops that sell just woodburners and most will order the pipe for you even if you are not buying the stove from them( the one we used 'Aveyron chimenees' even came out and looked at our set up to say exactly what we needed to buy) or you need to go to a large building suppliers - we used Cedeo where we had to say exactly what parts we wanted and what length of pipe etc, then it was ordered in for us. We never found anywhere that sold it off the shelf. Presumably you are aware there are specific parts to brace the pipes and special supports that go through the roof apertures etc, these all had to be ordered too.

Hi, It exists but might need a visit to a specialist. You could always build a flue in that double skinned terracotta flue sections that exist, and run the pipe up inside that.

Hi I need some help I have had a pellet boiler installed in france by a so called specialist, I have a number of problems. We have a twin wall SS flue that doesn’t have access to sweep it , I have had thre sweeps who say it can’t be swept and have additionaly said the flue is too close to wooden beams, I’m struggling to find Frence regulations that would cover this it’s making me feel very ill I suffer from Neutropenia and stress is making it worse

A fairly good place to start is