Fluorescent dog biscuits and glow-in-the-dark doggy doo

Could this be the answer to the horrors of stepping in doggy doo while potting your four-legged friend at night?

Fluorescent dog biscuits which, logically, glow in the dark when they come out of the other end.

Fluo-Can (screenshot from British Invention Show website)

They've apparently been on show for the past couple of months at Barcelona's Museum of Ideas & Inventions (Miba) which opened its doors earlier this year.

But recently they've made quite an impression at the 11th Annual British Invention Show & Awards which ran in London from 19-22 October.

It's a seemingly daft but perhaps brilliant idea and while, admittedly, they don't look (to us) especially appetising, most mutts often aren't that fussy about the appearance of what goes into their bowls (or mouths).

What do you think?

Talking of which, I'm going to get a walk in now.....

Sorry, been out and got my tv! First time (if I can get it to work), that I'll have watched any tele in 7 weeks, apart from one evening visit to a Brit neighbour. If it ever got off the ground, and it proved to be safe, I think I would use it. It would certainly make it easier to see, as apart from height of summer, mine tend to get walked in the dark! The other thing, if somebody out walking allowed their dog to do it, and didn't clear up after them, you could get a photo of the deposit and a photo of their behind (the dog's) of the flouro at the same time? No excuses then........lol

Read something about this in the Mail, although a good idea, warns about giving it to pooches as yet! Is it commercially available? Do you know if it's been fully tested?

Well this shone out in my email box. Sounds all a bit Sci Fi to me... Weird.... G.