Fluoro bio poo!

I’ve spent 3 days in Blighty learning new techniques on eco-rodent control, that has less impact on the environment. Finding and proofing where you have activity then you can trap or bait specifically.

The most common problem regarding placing rat traps is that they are placed wrongly or where there is no activity. Available on the market now is an Ultra Violet non toxic bait which has no impact to the the environment and is safe to humans, birds, fish and animals. Placed instead of bait, once eaten, you can follow the poo/urine trail with a UV torch.

When you have found where they are active, you can bait or trap accordingly. Much better for the environment. Perfect for stables, farms, hotels, schools.

I’m going green, and so is the poo!

sounds an excellent idea… happy hunting…:slight_smile:

Bloomin site easier if it made the rats glow!

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