Flushots, anyone? (also Tetanus. Measles et al )?

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True but manufacturing problems can occur anywhere/any time - the headline princiaplly appears to refer to a batch of drugs which was contaminated with bacteria.

Another big worry is entirely fake drugs entering the supply chain.

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Very true

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The Third Man.

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Somewhat humorous …

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Regarding anti-vaxxers

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My first thought… Iron Lungs… :thinking:

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Quote: “Get over yourself and vaccinate your damn baby…” unquote…

Well if that was said by an alleged doctor and not some bought and paid for pro vaccine troll then for people who choose not to vaccinate it takes much more than “5 minutes of internet research…”

If a doctor had said that to either of my two daughters then the doctor in question would have been reported…

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Among the 657,461 children included in the analysis, 6,517 were diagnosed with autism over the next decade

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Research into vaccine induced toxicity…


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Statement on federal vaccine mandates…

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Latest on Measles in France…

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“Current measles hysteria not based on science but scientism…”

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At least 922 people - mostly children - have died of measles in Madagascar since October, the WHO says, despite an emergency program that has vaccinated 2.2 million of the 26 million population so far.

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The doctors noted that his hospital bill totaled $811,929, which is about 72 times the average hospital bill for children. And that bill does not include air-transport and rehab costs.

They also noted that the boy was the first case of tetanus in Oregon in more than 30 years. This lack of tetanus cases is attributed to widespread tetanus vaccination. Nationwide, between 2009 and 2015, there were only 197 cases of tetanus, which resulted in 16 deaths.

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At least his parents recognised that his illness needed treating by medically qualified personnel, not homeopaths - it could have been worse.