Flying solo

We recently took a 5 hour flight with our little one who has just started walking & wanted to spend most of her time practicing her new found skill. So we tried to think of other ways to entertain her, ranging from feeding time at the zoo, peekaboo, reading a variety of books, where's teddy? and out of desperation...let's read the flight safety card together (funnily enough none of these entertained her for very long before she had the urge to go off exploring again).

It did make me wonder though what games you can play quietly on an aeroplane to entertain your children (without electronic devices which she would probably throw at the person behind) without disturbing other passengers and within the confines or an ridiculously small seat - oh and bearing in mind the restricted cabin baggage allowances you have on todays airlines.

She's not quite up to drawing yet (wax crayons apparently are better for chewing, sticking in your ears or up Daddy's nose than putting on paper) just what can you do with a 14m old? And how do you manage when you have more than 1 child? I now appreciate just how hard it is for those parents travelling with 3 or 4 could well be us in the future (as we travel to see family in Cyprus & the UK) but I think we need to start learning fast how to entertain them as whilst our little one had bags of energy when she got off the flight - we were both shattered and we only have 1 at the moment.

Help please!

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on the return flight she slept for 30 mins! Although we did find she was happy to stand up in between our seats for 2 hours (no turbulence) and in between we tried feeding her. Thankfully we had some lovely fellow passengers who pulled faces at her as she peeked over the seat. I don’t know how people manage on a 10-12hr flight. I guess the kids must sleep at some point! I know I was shattered the following day.

I also have a 14 month old daughter and I don’t honestly think I would be brave enough to take her on a flight of more than a couple of hours. It is REALLY difficult in fact impossible to keep them fully entertained without disturbing other people. You have basically described everything that I would of done. Luckily because the last flight I went on with my daughter to the UK in February was SO early in the morning, she slept for most of it! That may be the answer, don’t let them sleep for at least a few hours before the flight - then fingers crossed they will sleep through it.