Food shopping from the UK

We buy the vast majority of groceries locally, but once a year we have been known to order some treats that we miss, especially towards Christmas. The people we have used in the past appear to have increased their prices a lot. Has anyone got any suggestions as to the best company to use at the moment?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks to all who took the trouble to reply. We will try out some of your suggestions :)

I can also add about Blightyshop, they are really good, they offer a very good reliable delivery service,with a very quick turnaround which means you can take advantage of all the special offers the supermarkets have. They are also very accommodating about bringing non food items back too, they are certainly worth giving them a go....I don't think they mind small deliveries either. Sue

I honestly think the absolute BEST, CHEAPEST option is to go for a half-way house...

We do a big order each Christmas - Mainly Tesco but also some bits and bobs from Amazon, Chemist Direct, Woolovers for jumpers, Feel Unique for make-up, eBay and whoever else will do free delivery

We get it all sent to a friends, along with 2 great big STRONG proper boxes (eBay) packing tape and wrap

And we get our friend to throw away all the useless plugs, packaging and marketing rubbish...

She packs it up, labels it with the address labels we emailed her, drinks the fizz we sent her and waits for the nice man from Parcels Please to collect it...

We get exactly what we want for cost price from the shops for about 40 quid

which is what i'd pay in parking charges when i used to live in sussex and go christmas shopping

x t

Good news for those who like waitrose...

If you are not too far from Libourne you can get a delivery from UK.

PICK UP from Libourne starting in October.

But great for buying xmas puds....CAN make them but not necessary if you

get a good one.

I doubt if it could be worth their will really....

Having looked at their location.....will make it a much longer round trip.

BUT I have sent an e mail.

I have looked again and they do not deliver to any place near me.

WOULD THEY go 3 hours out of their way?

Kerry I want foodie items from waitrose like lime and lemongrass cordial ....clotted

cream and spray starch by the box load

I would like to order the ITEMS FROM WAITROSE to be delivered to st Foy la Grande

by truck. Blighty does not have the things I desire to have.

But thanks.

Maybe someone will start another delivery project?

Thanks Catherine, Sam can certainly pick up non-food stuffs (with reasonable notification in order to verify suppliers). As it happens, Sam will be doing his next trip to the UK this weekend and would need to receive orders by Thursday lunchtime at the latest.

He will be going back for another pre-Christmas run at the end of October and the end of November also.

Anyone is free to make a product suggestion via the site - even for non food - or to send us an email directly with a shopping list and we will consider all requests.

Yes, I'm seconding that - support SFN's Sam and Danielle and use So British Store!

Danielle - would Sam be able to pick up non-food stuffs? Be good to know?

There's a company called Mouse2house which delivers shopping you order direct from Tesco / Wairose etc.

They only deliver to around a dozen locations so may not be of any use, depending on where you live.

Is there not another service which shuttles GOODIES across the channel?

Hi Gordon,

So British is already starting to order its Xmas goodies and the website will be updated with these soon (click the advert link from SF N). We already have Matthew Walker classic Christmas puddings available and our selection of crackers (at reasonable prices), Christmas cake etc. will be along soon.

In the meantime, Sam is doing regular runs to the UK and can pick up special orders for people. If you mail us a list we can see what is possible depending on the items that you want.

Hope to here from you soon!


Me too...

Things like belvior lime and lemongrass cordial

crumpets....crakers ....the festive ones.

pint size double cream....lots of it.


GB supershop has changed hands.