Football fans in Montpellier (Ou set les Bluebirds?) Anyone fancy it?

I am a long (very long) time Cardiff City fan. Living in France I have still managed to see some games every season one way or another. But like many other Bluebirds fans I am now disillusioned - my team has been bought by a rich malaysian and had the soul ripped out of it. The Bluebirds are no longer blue, the views of the fans count for nothing. But enough of that, my local team are champions of France! Vive MHSC! Vive les Paillardons! But I have only been once to Stade du Mosson, the season before last. It was great fun, and i loved it, and want to go again. But to be honest, i don't really want to go on my own - Games are usually played on saturday nights - 8.30 kick off - too late for my family, so I am looking to see if there are any others like me who want to go - or even those who go already who wouldn't mind me tagging along next Season. (This starts mid August) Anyone?