For all Bagpipe Lovers

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I think you are on your own there @Stella . :grinning: :grinning:


Nope. I love it, and especially the French cornemuse which is pumped up by the arm I think rather than blown up as with the Scottish ones like those there. :grinning:

We used to go every year to Anost to the festival of Celtic music in the streets and all the restaurants. On the campsite too as many of the musicians camped there.


My first thoughts too :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Never seen those. Are they similar to the Irish uilleann pipes ? They’re blown up using the elbow, with the bladder being strapped to the side.

Same principle, so sounds like it to me, the pipes and drums are similar too.

I held a concert and picnic in the Painswick Rococo Gardens and people were played in and out by Northumbrian pipes.
Very moving.

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My god daughter’s family lived next door to a school at the King’s Rd end of Park Walk, London SW3. For 25 years the noise - I use this word for precision - of people learning to play bagpipes was a feature of 2 hrs every Weds evening.

Ah… yes… learning an instrument can be painful on the ears.

I and my siblings played various instruments from a very early age.
I never appreciated the courage (or perhaps deafness) of my parents until one particularly wet day, when we were all stuck indoors and my younger brother decided to improve his skills on the violin… aaargh…

He was cheerfully singing the song/music he was supposedly playing… sadly, the two things shared no resemblance … and he seemed totally unaware… :rofl: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: