For Animal Rescue Workers Everywhere

The two kittens pictured here were taken to one of Chats du Quercy foster homes. they had been found in a plastic bin bag at a dustbin site.

With them, their mother, brothers and sisters - all dead from suffocation except for these two.

I don't have words to describe these acts anymore.

I can't even comment on this. I think of the mother cat and the efforts she probably went to to save her newborns and the mentality of the sick b&stard who thought this was 'appropriate' to get rid of them. Speechless basically.

You're both right - never give up. We can't let this cruel minority win......most people are decent and loving. We have to believe and remember that.....


There are no words. There are human monsters among us. I'm learning to just try and stick with the people who have ethics and are busy helping, and to and take care of each other and boost each others' moral and focus on and celebrate the victories, and never give up.