For Brexit... think Climate

“They” reckon we’ve got 2 years to get it right… now where have I heard that before…:thinking::zipper_mouth_face:

Yes Stella,
I’m thinking climate & the Brexit effect… All the energy & hot air being caused, people in the UK & Europe all getting hot under the collar, the trees being cut down for the vasts amount of paper to write about this view & that view must be having some effect on the planet.

My concern is carbon dioxide. I breathe out much more CO2 than I breathe in, lots more. I’m a living, breathing polluter, adding to the green-house gases that are destroying the planet.

Dying wouldn’t help, because my corpse would decay liberating enough CO2 to tip the globe into irreversible climate change, searing heat, tsunamis and melting ice-caps flooding London and drowning hundreds of thousands of innocents, perhaps before Brexit.

I am going to try reducing my CO2-laden outbreaths to one out-breath to every three in-breaths, and am looking for sponsors to support my self-suffocation-to-save-the-planet. Will you help? Text ‘cyanosis’ to #puffinpete and every puff I don’t take will add 1p/centime to my halt-climate-change fund to save us all from global bain-marie horror, and stewed kiddies :scream::ghost:

if you plant a tree each day it may help with the CO² for us all.

Wozza I planted three trees last year and I used up a lot of puff in the process. Couldn’t I sow some leeks and beetroots instead? Smaller holes? Surely they use enough CO2 to compensate, and are easier to lug around.

I’ve got enough trees on my plot to be going on with, big buggers too, even local woodsmen back off from reducing their size, so I reckon I do my tree bit already. And hedges. Do dandelions use CO2? They all look very healthy, they are obviously getting something that does them good. Could be CO2? :thinking::blush:

PS How do you make those cutesy little 2s?

had a quick look on the internet & found this study, apparently they enjoy higher levels of CO² see below.
As for the cutesy ² on a french keyboard ²nd down from the left, if you also like to use ³ hold down the alt key and type in 0179.

Dandelion is a cosmopolitan weed of economic and environmental significance because of its negative effects on crop yield and the large amount of herbicides used for its control in agricultural, residential, and recreational areas in North America. Asexual dandelion plants, which are apomictic and produce genetically identical seeds, provide a great experimental model for biological studies, such as examination of its reproductive responses to global environmental changes. In a growth chamber experiment, we investigated how elevated CO2 affected reproduction and seed dispersal properties in dandelion. Dandelion plants were grown at ambient (370 µmol mol−1) or elevated (730 µmol mol−1) CO2 until reproductive maturity. Results showed that dandelion plants examined in our study produced 83% more inflorescences and 32% more achenes, i.e., single-seed fruits, per plant at elevated than at ambient CO2. Seeds from elevated CO2-grown plants were significantly heavier and had a higher germination percentage, leading to larger seedlings and earlier establishment in the subsequent generation. Furthermore, achenes from plants grown at elevated CO2 had characteristics, such as higher stalks at seed maturity, longer beaks, and larger pappi, which would increase the distance of seed dispersal by wind. In addition to these elevated CO2-induced changes in reproductive properties, dandelion has a number of inherent characteristics, e.g., high competitiveness and adaptations to disturbance, that would increase its vegetative and reproductive success in a higher CO2 environment. Consequently, dandelion can potentially become more widespread and noxious as atmospheric CO2 continues to rise because of human activities.

It’s ALL down to global population explosion. The upwards curve is exponential and only one way to stop it…snip snip at all male births for the next 50 years

Could think of a few males around who could do with a snipping :wink::rofl::zipper_mouth_face:

:+1: Snipped Long Ago :grin: