For God's sake!


Seems to me that millions of statues, paintings, books and god knows what will have to be redacted for this one to work.

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It’s impossible for something that doesn’t exist to have a gender.


Although created heaven and earth and heaven is definitely a gay night club in Charing Cross.



Well, it has a pink frock and isn’t averse to showing a bit of leg (Michaelangelo 500 years ahead of the CoE).


It would be more than impertinent, wouldn’t it, to assign different pronouns to someone who has already chosen (by what he inspired the writers of the Bible to write) his own?

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Societies create gods in their own image, it isn’t surprising that a ghastly intensely misogynistic society should come up with YHWH, is it.
Mind you in view of the ban on pictures and the appearing as pillars of fire etc we could actually assume no gender at all.
Hooray for the Greeks.


If we’re going down this route it sounds like the L Ron Hubbard version in which he is the Antichrist, Jesus was “a lover of young boys and men” and Christianity is an evil falsehood implanted into the brains of humans by psychiatrists to enslave the masses is just as valid as both are 100% fictional stories written by random people from whatever lunatic thoughts were in their head.

Although now I come to think of it

Christianity is an evil falsehood implanted into the brains of humans by psychiatrists to enslave the masses

Take out the psychiatrists and history would suggest there’s some truth in this bit :joy:

Just watch out for their gifts though :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Meanwhile in the Brave New (gender fluid) World…… theybies are being born

Absolutely - and that’s what is being proposed here. The gender warriors have created the theory of gender and people in the CofE are considering moulding the church to fit it.

It’s not really surprising that the CofE (and other churches which try to mirror society) is losing its congregations, is it?

Since God is a woman I really don’t know what all the fuss is about. :grin:


If it were true we would have the menstrual cycle :joy:

Given that the majority of the leadership of h the band of followers seems to be men in dresses, I’m not sure this is so radical.


And so many appear to prefer young boys - unlike in the secular world and particularly that of teaching(!), -one never seems to read reports about paedo vicars (or Catholic priests) grooming underage girls (thank you for small mercies, Supreme non-Gendered Being)

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Someone will need to change the lords prayer, was Christ a girl

I think the ironic humour of your post will have been overlooked in the rush to make the most of the opportunity.

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The ones that preferred the girls went on to teach or run gymnastics classes - easier to access them like that than in boys choirs.

Back in the 50’s I joined the Church lads Brigade the senior officer years later was jailed for his interest in young boys thank goodness I was not one of them Unfortunately my cousin in the Boy Scouts became a victim