For one brief moment

I thought I could see a speck of blue sky and a hint of the sun breaking through. It’s now drizzling again, but we can just see the other side of the valley for about the first time in two weeks.
The previous owners said they had stayed here over one Christmas and didn’t see the end of the garden for a week. We thought they were exaggerating! :roll_eyes:


I am so envious Griffin. Whereabouts are you?


But don’t get too jealous, we have just spent a 6 day holiday in freezing fog!


Near Le Mans, it’s clouding over now though.

I’ve nicknamed our village Brigadoon.
When the mists/fog descend it’s as if we are the only thing on an empty planet … and often we can’t see the houses across the road (what road???) :rofl:

The sun comes out to play, sometimes, but only just in time to say “goodnight”


OH the other day said it was like living in a Stephen King novel! Or maybe an Agatha Christie? :slight_smile:

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Not today, I hasten to add, but last week.


We usually are quite lucky here, 2-3 weeks of really cold weather and then it warms back up relatively, though we have to look out for a late frost in the spring.
Downside is the grass grows quite vigorously 365 days a year :roll_eyes:

I saw the same last week when I went up to the village, bit further away though…


We have had a lot of this…

But still lots of amazing sunsets at other times.