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Good Evening, I hope i am not too late for this conversation? Usually am....

Can anyone tell me this; if I buy a Kindle Fire on Amazon .fr, can I still download films, books and music etc...from Amazon UK?

We have a Kindle (original version) which we had to order from (US) and we seem to be only allowed to download from the same which is very irritating to say the least.

I would really appreciate some help please from somebody in the know.... Thanks

Will have to look which bit is reg in UK, but Kindle brought from Amazon France, and download books from Amazon UK , good luck

Hi Doreen, I download mine and just registered my Daughters address.... for the kindle .

Hi Doreen,

Amazon France are not running the promotion but you can still get it here for €229

As Carolyn points out, the device is the same and can be configured in the language of your choice.

Hope that helps :)


Hi Doreen, it will be fine, you can set up what language you want, I got my Kindle from Amazon France, and no problem at all..