For people who find cooking hard, especially Tory’s man shape

A cook book for those who can’t written by a fibro sufferer. Might also be useful for others ………

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@JJones Hi Jane, thanks for the links - they are refusing to open - 400 message coming up.

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And this is the book

@Griffin36 @JJones Thank you both.

I have always known there is a direct link between food and health, having started to get migraines in my early 20s. Chocolate, orange juice and red wine all could trigger an attack.

A very wise GP, years ago, encouraged my elderly mother to forgo sweetened juices as the sugar content triggered her rheumatoid arthritis.

Good to see such links increasingly being recognised. The science of epigenetics and learning how food can be used to turn on or off inflammatory genes is such a powerful contribution to our health.

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For me it was traffic wardens


Article sounds eerily familiar - except the man shape doesn’t like cooking (other than Friday night pizzas :crazy_face: :rofl: :rofl: ).