For those of you based in the UK

Travel after Brexit according to the BBC.
Must say I hadn’t realised that for those based in the UK, EHICs won’t be valid (they are for those of us on S1s living in France) and that there would be a visa-waiver scheme from 2022 (paid for - 7€).
Also, pet passports still have to be sorted out. Travelling with pets in the short term could be problematic.

There is a slight irony in that the UK will still be issuing valid EHIC’s after 1.1.21 - just not to Brits, however EU citizens living in the UK will still be entitled to them.


But will the EU nationals in the UK be receiving their EHICs from their competent health authority, rather than the UK? In the same way that we S1’ers get our EHIC sent to us from the UK?

(And Sue, you need to have applied for a new Withdrawal Agreement EHIC).

The ETAIS scheme has been in development since 2016…hope it will be ready by 2022!

We have, thanks to the useful information here we did it on day 1. :grin:

For everyone who works and pays NICs in the uk, the uk is their competent authority. For eu s1 holders the uk is not their competent authority but how many eu citizens retire to sunny peaceful uk.

You sure about that Geoffrey? I know this was before Brexit came up but my wife was refused a French one, presumably because she was on an E121 (S1?), despite previously some years ago being given one.

The regular updates on what we should do from UK Gouv tell us that she should apply to UK for an EHIC.

I am not sure what you are querying David. Under the current rules an s1holder gets their ehic or equivalent from the country that issued the ehic. If you wife has a uk issued s1 then France was correct to refuse her a french ceam. A worker gets theirs from the c ountry where they work and contribute.
By “eu s1 holder” I meant a person holding an s1 issued by an eu country, maybe that was not clear.

I see what you mean now, I assumed you meant a UK citizen holding an S1 could not get one from the UK.

Some rules have changed along the way though. Several, may be 10 or more, years ago she was issued with the French equivalent despite always being on an E121/S1, which is why I was puzzled later when she was denied one, without explanation…

At that time both of us were initally denied because we said we were travelling to the UK ‘where we didn’t need one’ :astonished:, and only got them when we revised our destination to Ireland. :laughing:

The joke continued though because they then refused because our travel date was within 14 days, so we revised that and the cards arrived after we had left. :rage:

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Yeah - that will show Johnny Foreigner who is boss!


Many french workers in the UK are posted workers - banks, financial institutions and the city are full of them.

Cross border workers perhaps and yes their ehic eqiv is from the soc sec system they pay in to.
The uk is out of the posted worker scheme come Jan altho maybe those on postings can stay to complete them.

My wife has dual Polish and British nationalities. Will she be able to have an EHIC? We currently live in the UK.

If she is protected by the withdrawal agreement I guess she should be able to have one. Has she applied for settled status?

I don’t understand the question. She has British citizenship.

Ignore that.
No it seems as a British citizen her rights cannot be protectedw

To be clear the ETIAS is not a visa waiver.
ETIAS stands for European Travel Information and Authorisation System
It is a similar system to the USA ESTA.

Did I say anything different? As linked in post 3 above…

See post 1

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