FOR THOSE TRAVELLING BACK TO THE UK the recommended Attestation

The British Ambassador recommends the use of this customized Attestation form to travel through regions back to the UK.

That’s just a general purpose template for an attestation sur l’honneur. I’m on the ferry from Portsmouth to Caen & the Information desk has a stack of the regular attestation de déplacement printed out & advised us to tick the box for "Transit related to long distance journeys ". I think that I will play safe & also tick “Imperative family reasons,” & add “Je rentre du Royaume-Uni et je voyage chez moi”

‘Je rentre chez moi depuis le Royaume-Uni’



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Hasn’t that one disappeared from the current attestation?

Edit - am I the only one to think that the situation re: attestation, rasons for travel and the need to test those entering France are a little, should we say, confused.

Eg: this site -, obviously official does not list the long distance thing, yet it is in the document which can be downloaded there. Also clearly says everyone tested on entry to France.

This site also fails to include anything about long distance travel (I guess because people are not supposed to travel between départements)

I’m quite interested to know how Nigel gets on re: testing and whether (if checked) his attestation is accepted.

On a related note - everyone now expects national lockdown to be announced imminently in the UK.

Late and dragged to the decision as usual. :rage:

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We are meant to be having long term (pre-end of year want to live in France) people coming today, think they were on the Portsmouth ferry last night which should have got into Caen about 7 this morning. They were armed with travel attestation, contracts etc. I’ve not heard that they’ve had any problems yet…

Maybe I have missed it but I cannot see a box to tick for “Transit related to long distance journeys”…

30-10-2020-attestation-de-deplacement-derogatoire-anglais.pdf (83.2 KB)

We were booked to travel on the Portsmouth to Caen ferry on the 11th to sign the AdV and move into our new home (primary residence) and the long distance attestation disappeared over night (the old one is still there but with the previous day’s date so probably not valid). Transport for our essential items - mattresses, linen, clothing and kitchen stuff, plus two week’s supply of food so as to isolate - has been arranged with our furniture to follow. The process started in July but heels have been dragged so I’m at a loss as to know what to do. But now it’s less about the long distance travel, rather how to exit the UK.