Ford To Discontinue Fiesta & Focus Models

I guess they didn’t learn their lesson when they discontinued the Cortina and replaced it with the Jellymold.

I fully expect Corsa sales to soar.

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Another push by the car makers to force people to go electric I think. Personally I can never afford to go electric anyway and neither can many other people I know, even with the paltry government aid, you still have to find thousands yourself and if you are a pensioner or poor family, you have no hope and I don’t want to be paying for something on tick or rental at my age.

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Yes the margins on electric cars for the manufacturers are much higher. Also, with the shortage of components still continuing, this year many of them seem have to cut entry-level models, and some lower-end models, out of their ranges, at least in France.

After all if an electrical component is scarce, can’t get enough of them, it makes sense to put what you can get into cars seling for 26-40,000 instead of a 12,000 euro car.

I would image that re-engineering a Fiesta chassis to hold a suitable amount of battery capacity could be much more involved than starting from scratch.

I still think the European market will need high efficiency / low emission ICE vehicles that are affordable until EV technology has developed to the point that directly equivalent replacements for their ICE forebears in all categories.

A very long time never.

Who said ICE’s have the correct categories in the first place, we have all just grown to accept them as we will for EV’s. ICE vehicles were crap to sart with and only a couple of wealthy people owned them, look how times have changed, just as they will for EV’s