Form 2042c A.E. for 2012

Hi all.

Got my tax forms sent to me for 2012 (2047) but need to download 2042c for the A.E. Chambres D'Hotes business for 2012, can anyone send me a link to download one pleae.

Found links for 2011 but need one for 2012 declaration.

Thanks for any help.

Kind regards Mel.

Thank you very much Valerie, I will keep my eyes peeled early next week.

Best wishes Mel.

Hi Mel

According to my little man at the Impots place, this year's will not be online until Monday, 6th. This is the formulaires search page. If you try from Monday it may show.;jsessionid=DSZ3CSMV2BVBDQFIEIQCFEY?paf_dm=full&paf_gm=content&pageId=rch_formu_res&sfid=05&action=resultImprime&_requestid=11297986