Form 2042c

Hi everyone,

Please be gentle with me - i have been one of these lurkers on the site for a good while now. i love it and all of you, you all who make me laugh, cringe, shout at the computer..... sometimes all at the one time. People like Andrew hearne, Barbara Deane, James, Katherine and Finn give some of the most useful info i have heard. i am sorry if i have forgotten other fab members.

I have been an Auto entrepreneur since last October and my husband is starting to fill out our Impot form. This 2044c form, must i fill it out or do i declare my very meager earnings on the standard form. I am sorry if it is very simple thing but i am panicking a bit in case i mess us. By the way i am an English teacher.

Is there anything else i should know? Thank you so much

I started my AE in late 2012 and did not have any income. Do I still have to fill out Form 2042C?


here's the online version if anyone else needs it:

I couldn't find it on line but went to the local Hotel des Impots where they were very helpful and actually filled in the correct box for me, which I then passed to my husband to put with his déclaration. Not at all difficult. One of the easier bits of admin we have had to deal with!

There are two of us doing it at the same time, the first time we saw the bl**dy thing we did not know whether to hit our own heads with large mallets or just collide our two skulls. Average time filling silly thing in is less than two minutes. As Andrew says box 5tb although their own instructions refer to cadre 5. Once you have done AE forms twice it is as much practice as required, from then on rotine and dead easy.

Thank you for you help. hopefully now my husband won't shout at me and it will be easy to fill out.

Brian's beaten me to it but in a nutshel yes you need to fill in 2042C if you pay tax at source (versement libératoire de l’impôt sur le revenu) ie tax is included in your cotisations you pay each quarter. Then you simply do as Brian has posted - don't be put off by the pages and pages, it's a one liner! or one box (5tb) that should be ;-)

2042C is important as it's here that they can see what tax you've already paid and work out what to give you back, if you're lucky which has been my case for two of the last three years!

The info I have is as follows:

Si vous avez opté pour le versement libératoire de l’impôt sur le revenu lors de la déclaration de début d’activité, vous reportez le montant de votre chiffre d’affaires 2011encaissé (et pas seulement facturé !) sur le formulaire 2042C que vous remettrez en même temps que votre déclaration personnelle (2042). Dans le cadre 5 du 2042C, indiquez le montant de votre chiffre d’affaires brut dans les cases TA pour les ventes de marchandises et assimilés, TB pour les prestations de services et TE pour les recettes des professionnels libéraux.

I just fill the blasted thing in and return it, my wife does the same. We've done it for two years plus and so far no problems either way. So far we have never filled in box (cadre) 5 either because we neither buy nor receive any of the thibgs that is about. Better advice, wish I could but I think 'they' are stabbing about in the dark as much as we are.