Form 2047 - the Pink one!

lovely friends of ours are starting anew this year WITHOUT their grumpy accountant...

as you all know I KNOW NOTHING!

but they asked me about form 2047 'the little pink one'... and where if anywhere to declare UK rental income? (they found the place for the uk pension)

they are registered as AE now - and the acountant told them they should fill in the 2042 also...

any thoughts dear finanical wizards?

x teresa

Sorry late seeing this thread but I will reply anyway so the info is out there and may help someone next year.

Revenue from Uk house rental ( BRUT/ Gross) in Box VI then added up with any other Uk income (commercial revenue, salaries ) apart from interest on shares and bank accounts That goes in the B part of the pink form inside page of the 2 page form. The Total of part VI is transferred / copied to Box 8TK on the Blue form.

Hope that helps.

Oops just seen this is an old topic...sorry its the first time I had seen me to be too late !!!!

Hi Teresa, Yes we have a 2047 and 2042 as we have a house in UK which is rented out and although we dont pay French tax on the UK rental it is taken into account and yes you have to declare it. You declare it on the last page towards the bottom of the page section V1. Take off your expenses and calculate the £ into euros at the rate of 1.19. Even though we are not taxed on it we have to pay a higher rate of tax as that is included in our global income...makes us sound so rich...if only!!!!!

okay---- interesting - looking forward to hearing more, mr/ms Om !

thanks terry - great info

One thing they will need is the official exchange rate which is set each year and is obtainable from the tax office. This year it's 1.197174668 euros to the pound according to the print-out they gave me. If the tax office doesn't know where to find it, it's in a book my tax office calls the Lefebvre, section 97120 Cours des Monnaies Etrangeres.

yep - thanks brian - my thoughts exactly - fill it in as best you can, get it off on time, hope for the best

x teresa

Yes, I get 2042 because I get copyright commission from the Author's Licensing and Collecting Society each year, from which tax is deducted and at this very moment have my HM Revenue and Customs R43(2011) form before me ready to be posted off to reclaim the UK payment and then I shall have to turn to the 2047. I have done it last year and it seemed so unmemorable that it must be straightforward. This year my OH as co-author/editor of two UK published and well selling and much photocopied books quite recently will have to do exactly the same and is not at all phased by it, having seen mine which given she went to business school in her native Switzerland when she left school I would expect if it was difficult, naff or pointless. Don't worry, just fill them in as best you can and as we were told by friends you'll never hear any more about it because you have completed the required formality which as long as it is not extremely wrong or depriving France of dosh is all they really want. Hope that helps.

thanks Andrew!

yes, i think it's down to the tax office... they are only struggling with the correct box for UK Rental Income - and i thought perhaps there would be someone here who'd filled one in...

what fun...

Hi Teresa, I haven't answered up until now because I've never needed to use one but yes it's just a bog standard tax form for income earned abroad for those living and paying tax in France. 2042 is the standard additional one for we AEs but if they are AEs with income from abroad then yes it looks as if they'll have to fill out both (that's 3 docs in total including the standard tax return that everyone gets). Tell them to pop into their local tax office to ask for advice if they're still unsure - that's what they're there for and they're usually very helpful ;-)

anyone? ever seen a 2047?