Form 6650 H1, taxes locaux


I am trying to complete the above form.

Can anyone tell me whether terraces, not wthin the walls of the house nor accessible by an internal door and not enlcosed (apart from railings where necessary for safety) should be declared?

If they should be declared, would it be as ‘constructions accessoires’?


if not liveable surface (enclosed) I shouldn’t mention it

Thanks for the reply. I thought the same, the terraces are really just paved garden.

What about a roof terrace, again not enclosed except by railings and only accessible by an external door?

same - ignore it

There is precious little information on how to fill in these forms on the government websites. Anything other than the basics that are on the form I have had to glean from forums like this. Thanks for replying.

I’m afraid I have another question. Should an individual fosse septique be declared as tout à l’égout?

Thanks once again,

If anyone receives a form… which they have to complete… and they are unsure what to do… please do take the form to the Mairie and ask for their help.

Most forms need to be signed… which means that you are attesting to the truth of the declaration (of whatever). Fair enough, mistakes can and do happen… but the Mairie will ensure that you only put in what is necessary… and also ensure that you do not leave out something that may “land you in it” in the future.


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Fosse septique… and … tout à l’égout are not the same thing… you have one… or you have the other…

Fosse septique : individual private system

Tout à l’égout: “mains drainage” (public)

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Thanks for your sage advice. Unfortunately I am not going to be back in France until next year so I’m trying to complete the form without access to the mairie.

If you are not in the country (France)… I would have thought it difficult to fill in measurements etc… correctly.

Why not contact (email) whoever sent the form and advise them that you are not in France until … (rough idea) and that when you are back in France, you will complete the form and return it to them then.

Even with limited French, it is possible to put together a brief explanation.

If your spoken French is up to it… phone the bureau concerned and ask them to note on your dossier that you are not in France until … etc … etc…

Bureaux detest “being ignored”… and 9 times out of 10 a simple contact works wonders…

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