Form 'Cotisation fonciere des enterprises'

Hi all

I'm quite new to France and have just received a form 'Cotisation fonciere des enterprises'. I am assuming that it is to assess fonciere tax as I registered as an Auto Entrepreneur last June.

My question is ,' do all Auto entrepreneurs have to complete this form or only those that use their home as a business establishment' When I registered online for AE they issued me with an incorrect activity code. I asked for the code for a property management/ maintenance business, but they changed the number and gave me a code for ' location de lodgements ' which I assume is for Chambre D'hote. I later changed it to the correct code but the form they have sent me still states ' location de lodgements'

I would appreciate advice before doing battle with the form and Google translate!!

Thanks for that Louise - I will check - and may go to the office in Guingamp tomorrow to make sure I fill it in correctly!

I received the form 1447 C K, so not the new one yet. My activity is written on the first page 'identification de l'entreprise' under 'Activités exercées' but without the code. However, it is the correct activity. The name of your activity should correspond to the activity listed on your INSEE form with the code for it and your SIREN/SIRET number.

Hello Judith,

I'm not going to give you a direct answer to your question for the following reasons.

It is vitally important when setting up a business in France, or anywhere else for that matter, to get the groundwork 100% right so that there are no nasty surprises later on. You will understand that without the full facts of each individual case it is impossible to give proper and sound advice.

To the best of my knowledge the form 1447-C-K has been superceeded by the form 1447-C-SD but as with all these things it may depend on the individual case, the time scale, and, probably, what forms the tax office had in stock at the time. Really!

So if you are not sure, my advice is to find someone who can help and make sure you are doing the right thing.

For instance, what is printed as the heading to your form? Is it:

Cotisation Foncière Des Entreprises 2011
Imposition Forfaitaire sur les Entreprises de Réseaux 2011

and does the square inder the number 1447-C-K say:


What is your business and what code APE or NAF have they given you, if they already have?

When did you register? What documents have you already signed? Do you have copîes of them? All these things have bearing on whether all is well, or needs some 'tweaking' and correction.

And from your profile Judith, as an Agent Commercial working in Immobillier, there are other important questions that arise, and this is not the place to discuss them.

Judith, a business is an important step. If you are not sure, get some help from someone like the bilingual helpline or similar. There are people out there who can help you. It shouldn't take very long, or cost very much to set you on the right path.

I'm sorry that I can't help more than that without ALL the information that is required to be able to give you a solid answer.

I do hope that makes sense to you.

Hello Tim

I also registered this year - at the beginning of April. The form I have received is 1447-C-K and it doesn't seem to give me any help on sorting out whether I have the correct code for my activity - or anything else for that matter. Any clues where I might find it?

Hello Robin,

Yes, all AE's have to complete a form for the CFE. However if you started in June 2012 you are exonerated from any payments (not from completing the form) for this until the year 2016 ( three years now after the year in which you registered). Which form have they sent you. is it the N° 1447-C-SD (look in the top right corner of the documents where you will find the number at the top and under it in big bold type should be CFE.

As to your activity code you definitely need to get that changed because "location de logements" has implications for Capital Gains Tax on your property when you come to sell it!

If you need some direct help check out my profile. Give me a call. Good luck.

That makes sense Louise.

Hi, I received the same form last week, to be returned before 1st January, as I have recently registered as an a-e. There is, on page 2, a box to tick saying Auto-entrepreneur remplissant les conditions pour bénéficier de l'exoneration de CFE (cocher la case), if you are an a-e you are supposed to be exempt from this tax for two (now three) years. I was not sure how much of this form I was supposed to fill so phoned the office who told me that I still need to fill in the form and send it to them before 1st Jan because if you are exempt from the tax as a-e, the state pays it to the Mairie on your behalf.

Hi Robin,

As an AE you are currently exempt from the CFE for the first 3 years, this has recently been extended to four years but you still need to fill in the form for the future, whether or not you use your home for work. It is currently under review for 2013.

It is payable in addition to your taxe d'habitation and taxe fonciere.

Robin, as far as I know, you do NOT have to pay this. Like you, I am not sure exactly what I am doing as I too only signed up for AE status in June. I will chase up a couple of other members who know more about this, but don't pay anything yet.

hi Robin

what is the code you should have had ? as i need to reregister due to some

complications !

Hi, i received the same form last year(as it was my first year as an AE). At the time I double checked with someone at the tax office department looking after my file, and she told me that I did not need to fill it up, and that I would be charged(when time comes) a “forfait” amount ( in my area about 400€ per annum) as my activity is at other people’s home. It’s probably going to be the same for you. Good luck!!