Form S5125P from l'Assurance Retraite received this morning

Good morning, I have received form S5125P from l’Assurance Retraite this morning. I am 66 next month and have already arranged for my UK State Pension to be paid to our French bank account which has been confirmed but now have this French form, I have only ever worked and paid NICs in the UK so do I need to complete this form at all? if I do how should I complete the bottom box on the first side. Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated, thank you. I do received rental income from my late Father’s house in the UK if that makes any difference.

Hello Martin…

Honestly, I can’t imagine why you’ve received the form…
and I’d be wondering if it was one of these almost persistent scams…

Someone might know more, but Google won’t offer me anything on S5125P

can you tell us what sort of information it is seeking ???

EDIT: diving deeper into Google… Assurance Retraite seems to be an investment package… :wink: :wink: there are various companies with various offers on the go.

It will be interesting to see how this turns out…
and it would be great to see a copy of this form… please @martinb79

I have scanned and redacted my address and social security number, all of which were correct. Came via la poste not an email by the way

First of all… you need to be sure that this is meant for you.
If you’ve never worked here in France, I really can’t see how it can be, but there you go…

Seems that you are somehow in the system… and you have popped-up due to your date of birth coming into (possibly) the age of retirement.

Unsurprisingly, they don’t have any information on you between 1947 and 2023 :wink: :rofl:

I’ve made a couple of checks and this seems a real letter… but if you’ve got no rights to a French pension… then it is mystifying…
Personally, I’d hot foot it to my Mairie armed with the letter (I know everyone sighs when I say this, but it works for me)… can you do similarly…
if only to ask them if they think the letter is kosher and where else you can find out what is going-on… ???

EDIT: don’t sign anything unless you are convinced it is kosher and the details are fully correct.

Smells like a scam to me especially if you’ve never worked in France. Usually they get in touch by mail, but try checking the telephone numbers.

Incidentally, I notice the package has 8 pages… although you’ve only shown us 4.

What are the other 4 pages about… or just a duplicate set ???

and, don’t worry about the “return to us by no later than 27th July…”
let’s face it… you received the letter today 17th July… and you could well be away on holiday until heaven knows when… for all they know…

do nothing in haste… but do it right, that’s what is important…

EDIT I’ve sent you a private message

I am not happy with this contact, I will message my local CARSAT and ask their advice next, certainly I am not going to reply without confirmation


Or go to your nearest France Services and ask them to verify and (most probably) cancel it! If you havec never worked in France you really don’t want your UK record messed up with any question marks over whether the UK is your competent state!

Just checked all my Carsat papers for many years and nothing for this reference number. Always just filled in details asked and they regularly sent upto info and confirm every so often all the years worked both in UK and France. Carsat are very helpful, you can get a rdv at the local office or given them a ring.

unlike you… @martinb79 has never worked in France… hence the query/confusion about being contacted re French Retirement…

You are always so helpful to folks queries on here Stella. You’re a diamond.

I was sent exactly the same form to fill in after I made my initial Demande de retraite 3 years ago.
The S5125P -06/2018 form were pages 5/8 and 6/8 and were the parts that had to be filled in, Questionnaire concernant votre carriere.
Pages 1/8 to 4/8 used a different ref, N1301P-06/2018 and were info concerning the Preperation de votre retraite.

Page 2/8 was a blank page with just the above ref at the bottom of the page.
3/8 was Releve de carriere a list of years worked in France and revenus earnt for each year etc + a Recapitulatif des trimestres.
Page 4/8 Suite du releve de carriere.
The last 2 pages were not numbered. One was headed Preperation de votre retraite. and no ref. The last page ref, N1367_06/2018, Notice informative, Ce que comporte votre releve and *Comprend votre releve de carriere. *

And yes I had worked in France for many years :slight_smile:

The only thing I find a little bit strange on Matin’s forms is the address. Looking through all my correspondence with Carsat , whether from Reseau Du Calvados or Conventions Internationales ( the ones that sent me the S5125P) always had street name and number + a CS number which corresponded to the Carsat deparment dealing with my Demande de retraite… On Martins forms the full address is not given at the top of each page. And also why are they still giving out a Fax number ?

It would be a strange scam because any mail Martin sent would be going to the correct address. Would have to be an insider job :slight_smile:

Any ways, for peace of mind it’s best to check it out, call Carsat or as Janet suggested visit your nearest France Services.

Thats why I mentioned it because if he was due anything, he would have received previous correspondence, hence all a bit bizarre. I also did fill in paperwork at the local office, maybe that had the number mentioned on it but there is nothing in my copies/originals recently.

It’s all very odd… and I’m looking forward to hearing the next chapter… :wink: :wink:

it could be something as simple as a “mistaken-identity”… I’ve known that to happen in the past… and, let’s face it… how many of us have pressed the wrong button when offered a list of names/places/whatever… :wink:

@martinb79 … are you any the wiser??? :wink:

yes, I received the exact same letter yesterday. Never worked in France though.
I am pretty sure it is genuine - but why?

No reply from CARSAT and I note the form does not have a Cerfa number and does not appear in a serach of Cerfa listings by title. I have just ignored it and have received no futher contact, I’ve registered with l’assurance retraite portal (not needed unless you are eligible for a French pension which I am not) and all it says is “Demander ma retraite” which I can’t, but now they have my email and mobile contact details. Should I ever have further contact I’ll update you

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