Forms, declarations and dreams

declaration commune des revenus des professions independantes 2011


thought was really getting somewhere with the paperwork, when this little beauty addressed to the husband popped into the box this morning?


(he's auto-ent, we rent our house, lived here for 12 months now)


oh, and while i'm on the subject - the 2042 form...

from what i can see so far... we fill in one for the household... we probably won't be registered so we download one... the paper deadline is 30 may (but you can do it online a bit later)... we are both auto-ent so we'll also need a 2042C

or did i just dream that i have ANOTHER form to fill out!


I just hope it's up to date and correct as there's so much misinformation about! I prefer relying on the info you get with the declarations, the official ae site and government's impôts sites. Yes I know it's all in French and may be difficult for some people to grasp but at least the info is correct and there's some comeback if it isn't...!

I'm about to make my first declaration too - I am also an AE and my husband works for a company. The Connextion Newspaper have a guide for just under 10 euros you can download from their site, that explains everything in English and how to complete these forms. It is a rather massive document, but seems to have all the answers .......I hope! Maybe it will help?

Hi, I've dropped you a pm as we used sarah to do our tax return, she's a bilingual accountant and very reasonably priced - around £150 for your family tax return. Last year she saved us a load of money and we ended up getting far more money back than what we paid her. We wouldn't have known about what we could claim back if it hadn't been for Sarah.

Paper, paper, forms and more money going out.


oh yeah - seen that one - never knew it was the 2042c though!!

thanks andrew... he giveth and he taketh away... (not you. obv.)

see above link ;-)

Catharine, it's an additional form where you declare your your income - it's for all indépendants, AEs etc. I haven't had anything through yet for last year but it'll be here soon. I think I downloaded the 2042C last year, pages of it and very little to actually fill in from memory. All used to give you a rebate if you've paid too much tax.

You're welcome Teresa, I'd like to say you can ignore the 2042C too but not the case...!

aha - is it easily found if declaring online?

(feeling, for the first time in a long time, that i have a tiny clue about life...)

2042c is a 'complementary form' used for declaring income from furnished lettings, chambres d'hotes & ALSO income made as an AE

x teresa

Andrew, you're the bringer of both good and bad tidings - thanks! like watching united and city get a draw...

x teresa

What's the 2042c please Andrew?

He shouldn't have received it, it doesn't apply to AEs as everything's done via the URSSAF on a standard rate. It's for all indépendants who are on the normal set up. Send it back with a note on it or phone and tell them their mistake. As for the 2042C, yes it's a little extra you both need to fill in!